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reality scamlines.png
Release Type Album
Shatterfoil Industries (Cassette)
Catalog Number WAV-001 / WAV-001A (WAVDASH)
SHFCS-(-1) (Shatterfoil Industries)
Release Date May 23, 2019 (scamlines)
July 12, 2019 (WAVDASH)
January 12, 2021 (Shatterfoil Industries)
Tracks 6
Length 29:53

experimental; ambient; chill; lo-fi; mallsoft; plunderphonics; slushwave; vaporwave (scamlines)

electronic; experimental; ambient; future funk; mallsoft; slsuhwave; vaporwave (WAVDASH)

electronic; ambient vapor; mallsoft; vapor; vaporwave (Shatterfoil Industries)
Status Online
Previous Release environs

reality™ is an album released by scamlines and published through WAVDASH. In 2021, it was published for cassette through Shatterfoil Industries.


# Tape Track Length
Entrance A: North Wing
1 A1 入るA 6:58
2 A2 [暗屋づ]ponds 7:02
3 A3 Hypermall年20XX 3:25
Entrance B: Biodome/South Wing
4 B1 入るB 5:26
5 B2 magic★mountains 4:02
6 B3 CASCADE~~[shoppe] 3:00



A cyberscape of synthetic wilderness... endless opportunities arise. Civilization is born anew.


scamlines returns to his classic vapor and experimental roots for another odd concept. 'reality™' is the concept of an outdoor mall with a slushwave twist, with similar sounds to his previous projects. (E:den, Venus Virtual Plaza)

Enjoy this magnificent piece of vaporwave/mallsoft/slushwave from our resident artist, scamlines.

WAV-001A / WAV-001

Shatterfoil Industries

The original project of Samuel Bik, now lauded as both an incredibly talented original vaporwave (as Ahero) and synthpop (as Talk To Me) artist, Scamlines has a focus on the more conventional sides of vaporwave. In doing so, he captures a unique perception of mainly classic vaporwave, ambient vapor, and mallsoft (such as in this piece).

In particular, this album contains a mixture of more familiar mallsoft techniques through its use of ambience and field recordings, while also applying an ethereal tone by adding in effects more akin to slushwave within the actual music being sampled, adding a dreamier tone to what it being played. In doing so, a lot more atmosphere is added to an already dense album, the drawling tones sometimes faint enough that you have to actively immerse yourself within the piece to hear them.

On occasion, the heavier bits of background noise, such as muted speech, the sound of people passing by, and flowing water, are toned down to allow a heavier focus on the sample in the background, giving the listener time to both listen to it both in and out of the experience fitted and crafted around it.

Overall, reality™ both brings a lot to the table to those who are familiar with and enjoy mallsoft, while also adding enough in its own structure to satisfy anyone looking for a little more out of the experience. We hope you enjoy this piece as much as we have.


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