Bedlam Digital

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Bedlam Digital
Location Germany
Opening Date February 8, 2016
Status Inactive
Years Active 2016
Parent Label Bedlam Tapes

Bedlam Digital is the digital-only side-label for Bedlam Tapes. Like its sister label, it specialized in vaporwave and experimental electronic works. The label went inactive in June of 2016, a seemingly permanent hiatus after the shutdown of Bedlam Tapes in 2018.

In December 2021, coinciding with the revival and partial deletion of Bedlam Tapes' discography, the Bedlam Digital page was unpublished in its entirety, with three releases being reuploaded to the main page: Sports II, IRON and GOLF EP.


Date Cat # Artist Release
February 8, 2016 DIGITAL_01 全日本空輸 Co. Ltd. 空港永遠 AIRPORT ETERNAL
February 8, 2016 DIGITAL_02 DataDisc Online INTERNET BUSINESS
February 22, 2016 DIGITAL_03 No Death Still
February 22, 2016 DIGITAL_04 Bonus Fruit Dissatisfied
February 24, 2016 N/a Various Artists Digital Sampler
March 7, 2016 DIGITAL_05 Scenebuild Blackburn
March 7, 2016 DIGITAL_06 Boocanan SWEDISHFISH xx MOONWALK
March 21, 2016 DIGITAL_07 OSCOB BEDLAM
March 21, 2016 DIGITAL_08 13th Titan Sports II
April 1, 2016 DIGITAL_09 Vincent Remember Classic of Changes
April 11, 2016 DIGITAL_10 懐かし2002津波 Digital Paradise
April 18, 2016 DIGITAL_11 reef frequent tru
April 25, 2016 DIGITAL_12 haircuts for men ダウンタンブルと死にます ep
May 2, 2016 DIGITAL_13 methyr ANTI-ANTI
May 9, 2016 DIGITAL_14 PZA IRON
May 16, 2016 DIGITAL_15 コンパクトスポーツ \\ COMPACT SPORTS GSR95
May 23, 2016 DIGITAL_16 Immaculate Emancipation Introduction to Riddles of The Revered Lady
May 30, 2016 DIGITAL_17 US Golf 95 GOLF EP
June 6, 2016 DIGITAL_18 SEPHORA脳バイブス Women Perfection (JP Deluxe Edition)

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