Women Perfection

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Women Perfection
Release Type Album
Label Dream Catalogue
Bedlam Digital
Catalog Number DREAM_58 (Dream Catalogue)
DIGITAL_18 (Bedlam Digital)
Bandcamp Album
Release Date September 18, 2014
June 16, 2016 (Re-release)
Tracks 14 (11 + 3 bonus tracks)
Length 32:44
Styles Mallsoft

eccojams; experimental; germany; slowjam; vaporwave; ambient; electronic; plunderphonics (SEPHORA脳バイブス)

electronic; dream; dream music; experimental electronic; fashion; hypnagogic; vaporgaze; vaporwave (Dream Catalogue)

electronic; experimental; ambient; eccojams; plunderphonics; vaporwave (Bedlam Digital)
Status Online
Previous Release [TODO]
Next Release [TODO]

Women Perfection is an album by SEPHORA脳バイブス, originally published through Dream Catalogue. The album was removed from the label following a purge of mostly sample-based content.

In 2016, the album was re-released as Women Perfection (JP Deluxe Edition) through Bedlam Digital, which included bonus tracks.


# Track Length
1 Perfection (Is Possible) 2:02
2 Female Fashion (33% Off!) 2:03
3 Mascara (Charming Eyes) 3:15
4 Rogue Lipstick (+24H of Colour) 2:13
5 Hairdresser (My Hair is a Mess!) 3:04
6 Shader (Azure For The Night) 4:10
7 Gorgeous (Shine Them) 1:15
8 Call Me Now ~ (504-DESIRE) 1:48
9 Slap (I'm Sorry. I Love You) 2:11
10 Richard (A Wonderful Night) 2:13
11 Beauty Sleep (Another Day) 2:24
12 Purest Beauty (Now on 12 Different Colours) (Bonus) 2:38
13 Keys (Night of Flaming Passion) (Bonus) 1:38
14 Tokyo Fashion Week (What's Trending Right Now) (Bonus) 1:42


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