Broadcast Yourself

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Broadcast Yourself
ArtistMatheus Felipe
Release Type Album
Label Self-published
YouTube Video
Release Date November 8, 2020
Tracks 10
Length 22:12
Status Online
Matheus Felipe
Previous Release Midnight Hour
Next Release Untitled Single

Broadcast Yourself is a album by Matheus Felipe, inspired by chris†††'s social justice whatever. According to the artist, the release was made with the help of his discord server and GabrielMyF (or Vermillion). The album was made in two parts and later was combined into a deluxe version. The release, strikingly enough, is exclusively released as a YouTube visual album, the Bandcamp page only providing a redirect.


# Track Length
1 Sad Week 2:14
2 Wrong Generation 2:00
3 Sarude Dandstorm 1:02
4 fURry hILL 1:00
5 sad boyz 1:18
6 Unnecessary intro 1:52
7 Game Over 1:14
8 Gay News 2:35
9 Deep Web 4:29
10 Fade out 4:24


Part 1 released in Jun 11, 2020 and Part 2 in Jun 16, 2020
Rebuilt Nov 8, 2020

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