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ArtistTeamm Jordann
Additional Credits Keith Rankin & Teamm Jordann (Cassette Artwork)
Release Type Album
Label Orange Milk Records
Bandcamp Album (Free Download)
Release Date August 2, 2012
Tracks 13 (12 + 1 bonus track)
Length 42:22
Tags champion; dior; legacy
Status Online
Teamm Jordann

Champion is an album by Teamm Jordann, a collaboration project between Daytime Television, who was at the time using the short-lived screw alias "Michael Jordan Pog", and electronic musician Teams. The album was originally intended to be released through the experimental music label Sweat Lodge Guru[1], but was never released for unknown reasons. The album was published through Orange Milk Records on cassette in 2012.


# Tape Track Length
1 A1 I Need a Moment 2:54
2 A2 Stadium (Ignition) (MV) 3:41
3 A6 Champion 2:17
4 A5 Belinda feat. Police Academy 6 (MV) 4:32
5 A4 ۞ 3:55
6 B3 Ass Clap Therapy (20,000 Hits) Feat. Labanna Babalon 3:11
7 B2 Ryan Visions feat. Dick Models 2:27
8 B1 Hall of Fame (MV) 2:46
9 A3 I Hurt So Much (MV) 3:36
10 B4 ☹ feat. Police Academy 6 (MV) 6:32
11 B5 The New Super Information Highway™​ 1:27
12 B6 Dior Nights (Outro) 2:16
13 B7 2nd Internet™​ Protocol (Bonus) 2:41


  • Many of the tracks on the original Bandcamp page list the release year to be 1993, likely for aesthetic purposes.
  • Despite the track-listing shown on the J-card, the track-listing on the cassette is sequenced differently for unknown reasons.
  • Stadium (Ignition) was originally released as untitled demo #6 on the Teams SoundCloud page on May 17, 2011, making it the first public track under the Teamm Jordann name. It was later included on the Sewer Greats, Volume I compilation (under the name Stadium), four months before the album's release.
  • ۞ was renamed to just O on streaming services.
  • was renamed to just :( on streaming services.
  • 2nd Internet™​ Protocol is unlisted on cassette releases of the album.


TODO: Physical media scans.

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