Youth With Skull I&II

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Youth With Skull I&II
ArtistDaytime Television
Additional Credits Whatever™ (Art Design)
Release Type Album
Label Exo Tapes
Catalog Number EXO013
Bandcamp Album
Release Date May 4, 2013
May 15, 2013 (Cassette)
Tracks 13
Length 55:43

experimental; dreams; minimalist; second internet; sound art; vaporwave; vibes (Youth With Skull I)

experimental; second internet; vaporwave (Youth With Skull II)

pop (Exo Tapes)
Status Online
Daytime Television
Previous Release Worst Mixtape World
Next Release Youth With Skull III

Youth With Skull I&II is an album by Daytime Television, published on cassette through Exo Tapes.


# Tape Track Length
Youth With Skull I
1 A1 Dreamstate 3:24
2 A2 Everyone Is Famous (With Ay Gee Tee) 4:30
3 A3 Hollister Honey™ 2:16
4 A4 Innertube (With Ay Gee Tee) 6:44
5 A5 Premium Cable Graphics 1981 3:32
6 A6 Tips (With Ay Gee Tee) 8:07
Youth With Skull II
7 B1 In 2:41
8 B2 Kid Tarzan (With Internet Club) 4:04
9 B3 Loss Of Sleep 2:21
10 B4 Mythos 3:59
11 B5 Persona 4:30
12 B6 Prominence 3:32
13 B7 Sunrise HD (With Internet Club) 5:57


  • The collaborated tracks with Ay Gee Tee on the artist's upload list the artist as (Daytime Actress), a combination of Daytime Television and Ay Gee Tee's alias Actress Pets.
  • Dreamstate, Hollister Honey™, Premium Cable Graphics 1981, and Sunrise HD were all released individually beforehand to tease the release of the album, either on his own personal social media or on the Exo Tapes Soundcloud.


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