Chuck Person

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Chuck Person
Name Daniel Lopatin
Born July 25, 1982
Location Brooklyn, New York, United States
Years Active 2010 - 2012 (+2016)

Chuck Person is the vaporwave alias of Daniel Lopatin, commonly known by his artist name Oneohtrix Point Never. Lopatin is an electronic experimental musician who has been releasing music since the late 2000's, originally specializing in more ambient and noise driven works. He would go on to sign onto several labels such as Warp, and even compose the scores for two films.

While his musical works date back to 2007, he would release a smaller side project in 2010 under the Chuck Person alias that involved slowing down and looping samples from well known songs and adding an echo effect, dubbing them as "Eccojams". This would later be known as "Vaporwave" and as such serve as the inspiration for multiple artists who worked in the genre. Having adopted the term, Lopatin would also use the word "ecco" in multiple other projects.

(Non-vaporwave projects by Lopatin are not covered in this section.)

Chuck Person

Chuck Person is a single-release project infamously known for Chuck Person's Eccojams Vol. 1, an album considered to be a pioneer to the genre and one that helped inspire many artists to delve into the genre. Lopatin would use this alias for his "A.D.D. Complete" project, a series of sound collage vinyl that used samples from Eccojams Vol. 1. Several tracks released under the Chuck Person alias would also be used in main Oneohtrix Point Never albums.


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