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Release Type Album
Label Self-published
Bandcamp Album
(Free Download)
Release Date October 1, 2015
Tracks 8
Length 23:21
Tags electronic; ambient; drone; eccojams; experimental; noise; vaporwave
Status Offline
Previous Release Obviate
Next Release Weakness

Courtyard is an album by Darksleep. Various tracks present in the album were also used in Ephemeral Necromancer and RESURRECT DEAD AND LET SLEEPING DOGS LIE IN DARK. The album was removed shortly after release for unknown reasons.


# Track Length
1 Opening the Gates 1:32
2 Storm cloud 1:20
3 Night Riding 4:24
4 Crying 1:22
5 Courtyard 3:50
6 Sphinx 3:55
7 Harm 4:48
8 Last Sunset 2:09


There are four houses near a little castle with four treasure chests in the corners, but the only entrance is through an interior courtyard and a locked door. The rest of the map is road, forest, and swamp. The portal appears after 12-15 rounds and lasts for 12 rounds after it appears. The player has this short amount of time to find a gold door key and as many blue treasure chest keys as he can, use flying or teleportation to get into the castle courtyard, deal with the spiders guarding the castle interior, collect as many gems as he can, and get to the portal before it closes. In this endeavor, he's opposed by a computer wizard named ANDRAS, any other player wizards, and a host of random monsters like apes, alligators, and lions.

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