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ArtistCHANCE デラソウル
Release Type Album
Label Self-published
Bandcamp Album
SoundCloud Set
Release Date January 7, 2022
Tracks 14
Length 41:01
Tags electronic; house; plunderphonics
Status Online
CHANCE デラソウル
Previous Release Just Have Fun
Next Release Seasides

Decides is an album released by CHANCE デラソウル. The album is the d-side to All Together Now.


# Track Length
1 Walk on Music 1:48
2 Again 1:52
3 Dance Dance 2:30
4 Into The Countryside 1:40
5 Cosmic Vapour 2:32
6 I Know 2:31
7 Wake Up, Sorry About That 3:22
8 Technicolor Dream 2:58
9 Where Would You Be Today 2:58
10 Nanana 3:08
11 Pasta Brain 3:21
12 Was It All The Same 6:00
13 So Long 3:00
14 I Have To Say, It Is That Easy 3:21


A mess of an album, but a fun mess! This album is what "Seasides" was originally intended to be, a bunch of cut tracks that I still really liked and wanted people to hear (or songs that people had asked me to finish), so now they get their own album. Unlike like my other albums, this one I intend for people to listen to in any order they want to find the songs they like (although I did my best to make the straightforward listening experience good as well!). I hope you enjoy!

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