Just Have Fun

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Just Have Fun
Just Have Fun Cover Art.png
ArtistCHANCE デラソウル
Release Type Album
Label Neo Motel
Catalog Number NM-41
Bandcamp Album
SoundCloud Set
Release Date October 1, 2021
November 5, 2021
Tracks 7
Length 24:56

edm; electronic; electronica; house; plunderphonics; future funk; future-funk (Bandcamp)

Future Funk; House; Edm; Dance; Electronic (SoundCloud)
Status Online
CHANCE デラソウル
Previous Release Virtual Girls Band a.k.a Sparkle
Next Release Decides

Just Have Fun is an album released by CHANCE デラソウル. In November, the album was published for cassette through Neo Motel.


TODO: Document Cassette Tracklist
# Track Length
1 It'll Be Alright 3:05
2 You Know It's True 4:44
3 Relax A Little 4:21
4 Have Fun 3:09
5 Enjoy It While It Lasts 3:05
6 Be Strong 3:56
7 Sayonara 2:36


This album is a collection of songs that I really liked but that I didn't feel would fit on a "proper" album, but still really wanted people to hear! I had a lot of fun making these tracks and I hope you have fun listening to them!

This is really my last album for 2021! I swear!


TODO: Add physical media images.

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