High Fashion Mood Music

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High Fashion Mood Music
Additional Credits Fraser Austin (Additional Sleeve Design)
Release Type Album
Label Crystal Magic Records
Bandcamp Album
(Free Download)
Release Date July 12, 2012
Tracks 12
Length 36:40

corporate; jazz; easy listening; electronic; fashion forward; new age; office interiors; cyber; diy; free; free download; post-internet; post-pop; shareware; vaporwave (Crystal Magic)

electronic; new wave; synthpop; dance; easy listening; electronica; free; jazz; midi; new zealand; vaporwave (Eyeliner)
Status Online
Next Release LARP of Luxury

High Fashion Mood Music is the first album by Eyeliner. The album was published on CD-r through the now defunct experimental label Crystal Magic Records. The album has since been available through Eyeliner's Bandcamp.


# Track Length
1 Closeness 2:36
2 Scenery 3:07
3 America 3:27
4 Earth 2:16
5 Devotion 3:09
6 Eyeliner 3:08
7 Realdoll 3:16
8 Rouge 2:37
9 Antivirus 2:41
10 Reflection 2:30
11 Cleopatra 2:00
12 Homo Electronicus 5:47


Eyeliner is a new economical listening experience by Luke Rowell (of Disasteradio prestige). An album tailored to be as acoustically efficient as possible by using the latest in mp3 compression technology! Conceptually following in the grand tradition of muzik library albums whilst paying homage to the legendary output of the late Innovative Communications catalog, High Fashion Mood Music creates 12 seductive environments to relax, unwind and be productive in.

“2012 finds me as a more complete person: running daily, exploring fine vegetarian cuisine, men’s health and fashion, and the meaning of Real Love” - Luke Rowell

Recorded during the unwind from Disasteradio's exhaustive CHARISMA LP Global Release Tour, Luke entered a deep office-interiors induced trance. The result was a slew of songs - more akin to environs than narratives - mood pieces. Built entirely from the inner musings of an early Korg synthesiser. Syncopated synth extensions pull at feng shui arrangements accompanied by plastic-shrubbery-percussion.

“Each song is a sound; and a scent. A sultry daydream of familiar, yet faraway places” - Luke Rowell

Utilising an acoustically efficient MP3 compression rate of 96 kilobytes per second, Luke was able to master the listening experience to its most silky, most economical and most pleasurable maximum.

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