NOBODY HERE: The Story Of Vaporwave

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NOBODY HERE: The Story Of Vaporwave
NOBODY HERE The Story Of Vaporwave.png
ArtistVarious Artists
Release Type Sampler
Label My Pet Flamingo
Catalog Number MPF080
Release Date June 5, 2020
Tracks 25
Length 1:30:49
Tags electronic; future funk; post-vaporwave; vaporwave
Status Online

NOBODY HERE: The Story Of Vaporwave is a sampler released by My Pet Flamingo. The release coincides with the planned film of the same name.


# Tape CD Vinyl Artist Track Release Length
1 A1 1-1 A1 Tupperwave Nobody Here (Ecco Jam Revisited) Original 2:56
2 A2 1-2 A2 Luxury Elite S.W.A.K world class 3:51
3 A3 1-3 A3 Saint Pepsi Private Caller Winner's Circle 3:44
4 A4 1-4 A4 iacon ペLニAスDドIリEラSー
不協和音 D I S S O N A N C E 5:16
5 A5 1-5 A5 Pop Up! Paradise City Flavored 3:08
6 A6 1-6 A6 YUNG BAE Selfish High Heels (w/Harrison + Macross 82-99) Japanese Disco Edits 3:46
7 A7 1-7 B1 Whitewoods Beach Walk Spaceship Earth 2:24
8 A8 1-8 B2 death's dynamic shroud.wmv Tell Me Your Secret Heavy Black Heart 3:10
9 A9 1-9 B3 Nmesh Climbing The Corporate Ladder Dream Sequins® 4:22
10 A10 1-10 B4 Dan Mason Nothing Matters Forever Nothing 3:37
11 A11 1-11 B5 Eyeliner Sauvignon Blanc LARP Of Luxury 4:12
12 A12 1-12 B6 waterfront dining tonight, on & on... Pages 期 4:38
13 B1 2-1 C1 猫 シ Corp. Luxury's Fortune Late Night Stereo 4:35
14 B2 2-2 C2 Disconscious Enter Through the Lobby Hologram Plaza 4:46
15 B3 2-3 C3 Donor Lens Distant Distant 3:52
16 B4 2-4 C4 fountain Holograms 2:43
17 B5 2-5 C5 architecture in tokyo OCEAN BREEZE Summer Paradise 2:00
18 B6 2-6 C6 Limousine Ƶales Basement (Ft Baja Ajax) ΩMEGA MALL X 4:02
19 B7 2-7 D1 haircuts for men одинокий
когда зло господствует 4:31
20 B8 2-8 D2 COSMIC CYCLER Private Beach Special Night 2:21
21 B9 2-9 D3 Pad Chennington Want Original 3:46
22 B10 2-10 D4 HAWAII94 Forever Evolve 3:55
23 B11 2-11 D5 bl00dwave Encounters Distance 2:42
24 B12 2-12 D6 FIBRE Lynn9000 Original 3:26
25 B13 2-13 D7 t i m e シェア 94 Nobody Here (n e v e r // f o r g e t) Original 3:06


To coincide with the launch of the campaign, we’ve put together a companion album telling the story of Vaporwave through a carefully curated selection of music - old and new.

The album has been released alongside the crowdfunding campaign and will be available on two limited edition vinyl pressings, on cassette and on MiniDisc.

We’re exceptionally grateful to the artists and labels – new and old – for giving us permission to use these tracks and for bringing this wonderful music to life.

*Note: If you purchased this album as part of the crowdfunding campaign then do not buy here as you will be issued with a download code in the next 24 hours.


TODO: Add physical media images.

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