Uncanny Erotique [The Definitive]

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Uncanny Erotique [The Definitive]
ArtistGeneral Translator
Release Type Album
Label Self-published
Formats External Download
Bandcamp Album
Release Date January 31, 2013
December 15, 2013 (v2)
Tracks 13 (12+1 bonus track)
Length 35:01
Styles Segahaze
Tags electronic; experimental; screwed & chopped; noise; sample-based; vaporwave; witch house
Status Online
General Translator
Previous Release VSJRP
The correct title of this article is Uncanny Erotique [The Definitive]. It appears incorrectly in the URL due to technical restrictions.

Uncanny Erotique [The Definitive] is the first album by General Translator, released in January 2013. The album was originally released through a MediaFire download link through the artist's Last.fm and Facebook. Later in December 2013, the artist would republish the album on Bandcamp with remastered tracks and a bonus track, titled Uncanny Erotique [The Definitive] v2. This version of the album would later be published on limited cassettes released through through the artist's Bandcamp, and replace the original upload.


# Tape Track Length
Cucumber Blessing
1 A1 Hokkaido Agri. 2701 Studies 2:12
2 A2 Reading Rainbow Hoobang 1:21
3 A3 BREAK (©))))) 1:31
4 A4 INVIS.☛OFTHEMARKET/Pepperin Youngstown Brown 3:59
5 A5 SMiL終了
SMiL End
6 A6 Enigma Static 2:12
7 A7 [*]Sapporo Sunrise[*] DATE: ?Dec. 21nd, 1995 3:52
Our God
8 B1 ╒Kuop on the Dot╛ 1:30
9 B2 1009-73629_third_society_partyintroduction.wmv 3:00
10 B3 (MV)
11 B4 █There█☻█#OurGod 3:25
12 B5 Only Time (Possessed by the Spirit of Ian Curtis Remix) 3:27
13 B6 私はビートsexy(o) (Bonus)
I beat sexy(o)



Uncanny Erotique [The Definitive] is what remains of the General Translator program, part of the VSJRP umbrella organization/educational program. Originally nine students residing in 1990s Hokkaido [Japan], the General Translator program came to an abrupt end with the sudden disappearance of these students after what appeared to be a late-night of anime and Sega Saturn gaming gone horribly wrong. Subsequently, the Hokkaido Institute of Communication ended the General Translator program and since then, the VSJRP has put forth several successor groups while unusually sweeping the legacy of the General Translator group under the rug.


Since Uncanny Erotique [The Definitive] has never been put up on Bandcamp, I decided to look at it again, redid a few tracks, made some new art, and uploaded here for the first time. If you would like to listen to the original, check my Soundcloud page. A bonus track is included.

Thank you for the support, it's been a great year. Stay gold.


TODO: Physical media scans, higher quality J-card image.

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