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Name Dallas Cotton
Location Portland, Oregon - United States
Years Active 2014 - Present

YUNG BAE is one of the vaporwave projects by musician Dallas Cotton. Active since 2014, he's been producing future funk albums by sampling Japanese 1980s city pop, such as Bae. The artist is also known by creating continuity through his albums in series, such as the "Bae series" and the "Japanese Disco Edits series".


Date Artist(s) Release Type
November 4, 2013 v i r t u a l Royalty詐欺 空のパラダイス EP
January 10, 2014 Stereo Component Coastal Nostalgia Album
April 26, 2014 YUNG BAE Hentai Visions EP
May 4, 2014 bansheebeat/YUNG BAE SUMMER VI (on Celebrate: Luxury) V/A Track
July 18, 2014 YUNG BAE Bae Album
August 10, 2014 Stereo Component Ocean Beach Album
August 14, 2014 YUNG BAE Honey // I Want Your Love Single
September 26, 2014 YUNG BAE Anibae EP
March 6, 2015 YUNG BAE a story about a boy and a girl... EP
March 18, 2015 YUNG BAE Japanese Disco Edits EP
April 25, 2016 YUNG BAE BAE 2 Album
June 14, 2016 YUNG BAE Japanese Disco Edits 2 EP
August 4, 2016 YUNG BAE BA3 Album
October 28, 2016 YUNG BAE Skyscraper Anonymous Album
March 21, 2017 YUNG BAE B4E Album
August 29, 2017 YUNG BAE Japanese Disco Edits 3 EP
November 1, 2018 YUNG BAE I Can Tell (on Flamingo Funk Volume 1) Sample
June 28, 2019 YUNG BAE Bae 5 Album
June 5, 2020 マクロスMACROSS 82-99/YUNG BAE Selfish High Heels (w/Harrison) (on NOBODY HERE: The Story Of Vaporwave) Sample

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