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theINFINITIpool label image.jpg
Owner Nick Zablocki
Location United States
Opening Date March 28, 2018
Status Inactive
Years Active 2018 - 2020

theINFINITIpool was a vaporwave label specializing in physical releases. The label went on a hiatus after releasing Breathe, halting social media activity, and changing their Bandcamp domain. Poor customer service and heavily delayed shipping are assumed to be the reasons for the shutdown, with customers not getting their releases before and after the label shutting down.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14]

The label also has a sublabel called Pools Closed Recordings, releasing only one EP.[15]


Date Catalog # Artist(s) Release
March 17, 2018 TIP004 MindSpring Memories
March 26, 2018 TIP005 Alpha Centauri アルファ メタデータの夢
March 28, 2018 TIP001 NxxxxxS FUJITA SCALE
April 10, 2018 TIP002 Amun Dragoon UNLIMITED DREAM COMPANY
April 10, 2018 TIP003 CYBEREALITYライフ v i r t u a l r e s o r t ™
May 11, 2018 TIP007 音 LIGHT システム PROMISE TO TRY HARDER
June 9, 2018 TIP010 PEGA 夕日
June 9, 2018 TIP011 PEGA スカイ
June 9, 2018 TIP012 PEGA 新しい日
June 18, 2018 TIP020 PEGA PEGA
July 10, 2018 TIP006 Amun Dragoon Socotra Island
September 11, 2018 TIP014 Innerϟpeaker Flight Wave
October 9, 2018 TIP015 Local News Channel 8
October 9, 2018 TIP018 アナログMESSIAH 永⋆遠⋆に⋆と⋆も⋆に
October 12, 2018 TIP013 midnight television midnight television
December 8, 2018 TIP023 US Golf 95 US Golf 95
December 9, 2018 TIP016 MindSpring Memories Home™
December 20, 2018 TIP017 M The Warm Up Part II
December 22, 2018 TIP021 Infinity Frequencies Shrines
February 17, 2019 TIP019 MindSpring Memories ❄☁❄☁❄☁❄☁❄
March 3, 2019 TIP028 desert sand feels warm at night 天に召される
April 13, 2019 TIP026 VHSテープリワインダー Together United
August 4, 2019 TIP029 Sport3000 Business Breakfast
August 27, 2019 TIP024 bodyline FRAMEWORK
August 27, 2019 TIP027 bodyline LIGHT DESIGN
September 21, 2019 TIP025 VHSテープリワインダー リアルライフSIMULATION
September 21, 2019 TIP034 天気予報 アナログ滝
September 21, 2019 TIP040 FERRARI JACKSON LUSH
September 30, 2019 TIP022 waterfront dining FEELS 感じている
September 30, 2019 TIP033 天気予報 デジタル滝
November 18, 2019 TIP042 Amherst heat.wav
November 21, 2019 TIP041 memory gateways into dreams
December 1, 2019 TIP030 Infinity Frequencies Computer Death
December 1, 2019 TIP031 Infinity Frequencies Computer Decay
December 1, 2019 TIP032 Infinity Frequencies Computer Afterlife
July 21, 2020 TIP044 F. B. I. ││ W A R N I N G B L U E
July 21, 2020 TIP046 Zer0 れい Breathe

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