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Additional Credits Carson Greenway (Art Design)
Release Type Album
Label Illuminated Paths
Catalog Number IP-156
Bandcamp Album
(Free Download)
Release Date April 13, 2015 (Digital)
June 12, 2015 (Cassette)
Tracks 19 (13+6 bonus tracks)
Length 1:25:30

electronic; ambient; dream age; dreamwave; meditation; new age; parody; vaporwave (회사AUTO)

experimental; seattle; ambient; dream age; dreamwave; drone; eccojams; electronic; meditation; new age; pop; therapywave; vaporwave (Illuminated Paths)
Status Online
Previous Release Neon Beige
Next Release 仙Android

-Q- is an album by 회사AUTO. It was released on cassette through Illuminated Paths.


# Tape Track Length
1 A1 ~ anno 1986 ~ 1:57
2 A2 tropic [memories in coral] 3:25
3 A3 phantom 3:12
4 A4 orca child [will U b there?] 3:50
5 A5 milky way (feat. kyle michael porter) 3:44
6 A6 hot spring (feat. donovan hikaru) 2:44
7 A7 sleep 4:16
8 A8 air chrysalis 2:49
9 A9 zelkova (feat. kyle michael porter) 3:50
10 A10 palm [cruise with me] 2:46
11 A11 shōji & tatami 2:53
12 A12 bonsai [craft a world] 3:45
13 A13 hyperdrive [lift thine eyes to eternity] 3:27
14 B1 tropic (feat. kyle michael porter) (Bonus) 3:25
15 B2 zen & oolong [5 teas] (Bonus) 2:14
16 B3 ikura maki (Bonus) 1:44
17 B4 emoji island (Bonus) 1:54
N/A B5 zelkova (instrumental) 3:50
B6 milky way (instrumental) 3:44
18 B7 virus [feat. aftertaste of the sushi parasite] (Bonus) 3:01
19 N/A Digital Purgatory (Bonus) 30:25


  • Digital Purgatory was only available on certain digital copies provided by Illuminated Paths.
  • Although the J-Card design includes the tracks shōji & tatami, bonsai [craft a world], and hyperdrive [lift thine eyes to eternity] on side B, it appears that actual copies of the cassette only include the "bonus" tracks on side B.
  • The cassette version includes instrumental versions of zelkova and milky way.


No pills, no quantitative anxiety disorders, no worry.

Swimming, deep, feeling, flying, open, free.

Run, move, dance, steep, clean, tea.

Breathe in, breathe out.

Silence. Peace.




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