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Name Alex Koenig
Location Kentucky, United States
Years Active 2013 - Present

Nmesh is an electronic music project of a Kentucky-based artist Alex Koenig. Previously a drummer in a metal band, the music producer has took up solo discography, earliest examples being mostly plunderphonic & IDM music. The artist's each project differs from each other, orienting around different genres, the predominant one being chopped & screwed. While he is regarded for other various efforts, he's most known for his vaporwave/vaporwave-inspired releases, such as Nu.wav Hallucinations, Dream Sequins®, Pharma and ロストエデンへのパス. All four of them gathered very positive reviews and some are regarded as one of the most notorious Nmesh and vaporwave releases.

The artist has been officially making music since 2001, however, Nmesh's most important year is 2013, the year the first Nmesh's vaporwave release, Nu.wav Hallucinations, has been released.

(Non-vaporwave projects are not included in the Discography section.)


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