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Owner Clean Slate & Octa Sheffner
Location United States
Opening Date August 21, 2018
Status Inactive
Years Active 2018
Parent Label Net Century

AARU GATE is a sublabel of Net Century that debuted in 2018. Unlike the parent label, AARU GATE focused primarily on new age ambient releases. The label also featured significantly different branding from Net Century, being themed around devotional spirituality and setting operations within Cairo, Egypt.

The label had an extremely short period of activity, ceasing operation after one week. In 2020, most of the label's discography was re-published through Net Century through the collection ارض السلام الابدي.


Date Catalog # Artist(s) Release
August 21, 2018 GATE・1 Unknown Soul Weighing of the Heart
August 22, 2018 GATE・2 Tethra Purification
August 23, 2018 GATE・3 Duat Wilderness
August 24, 2018 GATE・4 Osiris Field of Reeds
August 25, 2018 GATE・5 Abatur From Far Off Worlds of Light
August 26, 2018 GATE・6 Tlaloquetotontli Ocean Ruins
August 27, 2018 GATE・7 Akhendhihauti Is Not the Cosmos Too, Then, a Great God?

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