Net Century

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Net Century
Owner Clean Slate & Octa Sheffner, Astroblur, QUEEN
Location United States
Opening Date July 21, 2017
Status Inactive
Years Active 2017 - 2020 (+ 2022)

Net Century is a Vaporwave netlabel that debuted in 2017, founded by Clean Slate and Octa Sheffner. The label focused primarily on digital publishing, notably providing more modern output and artists relatively new to the scene. The label mainly published digital releases, but it notably published a couple releases on cassette. The label had a separate page for DJ mixes, called N.C. Radio. During activity, the label owners quietly debuted AARU GATE as a subdivision of Net Century, focusing on new age inspired ambient releases.

Although the label had varying success, it had a decrease in activity in late 2019. During this period, the label owners created TOP FLOOR as a sub-label for Net Century. TOP FLOOR notably would only publish three releases before being discontinued.

Starting in 2020, the label owners revealed their names, including revealing assisted ownership with Astroblur (who handled art direction, layout, and promotional videos) and QUEEN, owner of DATALOG. Furthermore, they announced the creation of DYNAMICS, a new label that would serve as a rebranding after Net Century's inactivity. DYNAMICS would continue publication for a few months before becoming inactive as well. The owners would later announce that they were unsatisfied with the direction of the label, and following this the label continued publishing, starting by re-uploading all releases from previous sub-labels and the release of BETWEEN SPIRITS.

This continuation was short lived however, as the owners would later reveal that BETWEEN SPIRITS would be the final release on Net Century and would cease operation, emphasizing that none of the current owners no longer had the time investment needed to continue managing.[1] During 2021, several past releases would be published on cassette through Shatterfoil Industries in a special partnership.

In 2022, Clean Slate released Outbound through the label's Bandcamp page, which mainly served as an update on the owners' activity after discontinuation, as well as to announce Clean Slate's label ANGEL.


Date Catalog # Artist(s) Release
July 21, 2017 NETCEN-001 旅行天気 早朝放送
August 1, 2017 NETCEN-002 APPEARANCES ( For the sake of . . . )
August 4, 2017 NETCEN-003 Hantasi ½WAY HEAVEN
August 9, 2017 NETCEN-004 '96pontiac ...Going My Way?
August 18, 2017 NETCEN-005 Klay Prints doom
August 21, 2017 NETCEN-006 Gold Currents点 Lifetimes
August 23, 2017 NETCEN-007 arcadia 阿卡迪亞 阿卡迪亞
November 6, 2017 NETCEN-008 脱出夢 無意識
November 7, 2017 NETCEN-009 Vortex Machine Television Anxiety
March 19, 2018 NETCEN-010 Oliver Fox Analogue Death
April 17, 2018 NETCEN-011 Audio Venture Corp. 代替仮想世界
April 23, 2018 NETCEN-012 VAV-31 Pool Party
May 1, 2018 NETCEN-013 DJ Apolo Trevent Creative Input
May 12, 2018 NETCEN-014 Plexidotorg Again and Again
May 12, 2018 NETCEN-015 96 PONTIAC OSAKA カーポート
May 13, 2018 NETCEN-016 Hymnvs The Only Way Out Is Through
May 16, 2018 NETCEN-019 High In Las Vegas Glitter City Anthems
May 18, 2018 NETCEN-020 Agate Flow Once you've loved somebody
May 19, 2018 NETCEN-021 異星人 過去の思い出
May 22, 2018 NETCEN-022 56kdreams Digital Reality Suite
May 25, 2018 NETCEN-023 HANTASI A government
May 29, 2018 NETCEN-024 天気予報 地球規模の気候研究
June 1, 2018 NETCEN-025 Astro Television System 1990-3-10
June 5, 2018 NETCEN-026 Soft Scale Smoothing System What If...
June 8, 2018 NETCEN-027 天使女孩 善良的靈魂
June 12, 2018 NETCEN-028 世界は80年代に終了しました より速い日照
June 13, 2018 NETCEN-029 VVVX Software Webカメラ 2: Virtual Voyage
June 17, 2018 NETCEN-030 particle dreams nightfall
June 21, 2018 NETCEN-031 Ex Aquis Flying Circles
June 24, 2018 NETCEN-032 BOTOXANAX この少女トラベラー
June 27, 2018 NETCEN-033 The Incorporeal Voyeur After Dark
July 1, 2018 NETCEN-034 チェリーSoda / EXIT ZERO あなたの側で / 3AM
July 4, 2018 NETCEN-035 FairlaneElectronics SkyMiles
July 7, 2018 NETCEN-036 CRYOSAUNA Digital Rainforest
July 11, 2018 NETCEN-037 channel select NIGHTLINE
July 13, 2018 NETCEN-038 cathoderays home videos
July 15, 2018 NETCEN-039 ░計◈画░ ♥♥♥テレビ√接続✈
July 16, 2018 NETCEN-040 VAV-31 VAV-31 Studios Customer Service Line
July 17, 2018 NETCEN-041 Synod Candle I
July 21, 2018 NETCEN-1718 Various Artists Net Anniversary (Year 1)
July 24, 2018 NETCEN-042 Kanal Vier Sensor
July 28, 2018 NETCEN-043 dropbassline. EVOCATIVE
July 31, 2018 NETCEN-044 Oliver Fox electronica dreams for nocturnal teens
August 2, 2018 NETCEN-045 The Incorporeal Voyeur World Rupture
August 6, 2018 NETCEN-046 pacific mapping mindwave tracking
August 8, 2018 NETCEN-047 vcr-classique visualdesign​`​97
August 13, 2018 NETCEN-048 Ex Aquis Pseudostasis / Antistasis
August 16, 2018 NETCEN-049 ♔ KING REVERB ♚ Heaven
August 20, 2018 NETCEN-050 旅行天気 夜間予測
September 2, 2018 NETCEN-051 SEPHORA脳バイブス 優雅なジャガートv8
September 5, 2018 NETCEN-052 CRYOSAUNA Dialup Era
September 8, 2018 NETCEN-053 Ennui 新时代的诞生
September 10, 2018 NETCEN-054 voyager human
September 13, 2018 NETCEN-055 The Secret Provider & b l u e s c r e e n Karma Salon
September 17, 2018 NETCEN-056 PUDERPOLLI 食堂で孤独な夜
September 24, 2018 NETCEN-057 Hantasi No Disco
October 1, 2018 NETCEN-058 Acetantina Disc Atmospherics
October 8, 2018 NETCEN-059 video forum sky dream
October 15, 2018 NETCEN-060 BOTOXANAX Elizadeth
November 5, 2018 NETCEN-061 digitalage aquamarine
November 12, 2018 NETCEN-062 Sky Between Spirits SKYBOXワンダーランド
November 19, 2018 NETCEN-063 prism dive 『自由』
November 26, 2018 NETCEN-064 CRYOSAUNA The Murky Lights
December 3, 2018 NETCEN-065 Θεογνωχία γεια
December 10, 2018 NETCEN-066 Acetantina Kaizo Slumber
December 17, 2018 NETCEN-067 WTF.FM Shareware Freewave
December 24, 2018 NETCEN-068 President NetscapeYahoo™ Network Connections
December 31, 2018 NETCEN-069 空気系 floating signals
January 7, 2019 NETCEN-070 Oliver Fox heuristics
January 14, 2019 NETCEN-071 valyri Drown
January 21, 2019 NETCEN-072 Streymoyer Cryptic Signals
January 28, 2019 NETCEN-ESC Memory Retrieval Forgiven
February 4, 2019 NETCEN-074 desert sand feels warm at night 溺死
February 11, 2019 NETCEN-075 夢想的渠道 再一次。
February 18, 2019 NETCEN-076 The Young Graduates The End of All Silence
April 15, 2019 NETCEN-077 Make Sea Halos There Beautiful Leviathan
April 22, 2019 NETCEN-078 People's Person Composure
April 29, 2019 NETCEN-079 Air-Conditioned The Taste of Paradise
May 13, 2019 NETCEN-081 56kdreams DISKETTE DREAM
June 3, 2019 NETCEN-084 Zer0 れい Live in Berlin ベルリンでライブ
June 11, 2019 NETCEN-085 Casi todos los males La idea de querer frenarlo todo
June 17, 2019 NETCEN-086 Mutant Talons 현대 화장품
June 24, 2019 NETCEN-087 voyager flux
July 1, 2019 NETCEN-088 Bonus Fruit The Glorious Road Ahead
July 15, 2019 NETCEN-089 creative_reality17 Moments of Relaxation
September 2, 2019 NETCEN-090 CRYOSAUNA Your Heart
September 16, 2019 NETCEN-091 Acetantina Blank Fashion Mystical
November 14, 2019 NETCEN-093 Nu Apollo Royalty Free Music for the Average Consumer
July 24, 2020 NETCEN-094 static cloak regret island
July 25, 2020 NETCEN-095 Manager Series "snowfall"
July 26, 2020 NETCEN-096 LIFTヘリポート GETAWAY✰
July 28, 2020 NETCEN-098 CASCADE High Life
July 29, 2020 NETCEN-099 national tv national tv
July 30, 2020 NETCEN-100 Glaceau Music Co. Background Tape #1: Vitamin Water
July 31, 2020 NETCEN-101 Exit Zero Untitled
August 1, 2020 NETCEN-102 Shifala Birthed Expanse (Augmented)
August 2, 2020 NETCEN-103 bootlegbby casualprogram
August 3, 2020 NETCEN-104 dream channel forgotten broadcasts
August 4, 2020 NETCEN-105 Strata Dolphin_01
August 6, 2020 NETCEN-107 かすかな記憶 体の欠如、形の欠如、形の欠如。
August 7, 2020 NETCEN-108 波のスタイルwavestyle96 RAW WAVES
August 8, 2020 NETCEN-109 skyglow the new york aerial shot association
August 9, 2020 NETCEN-AARU1 AARU GATE ارض السلام الابدي
August 10, 2020 NETCEN-110 silence sky genesis BETWEEN SPIRITS
April 7, 2022 NETCEN-♾ C of Net Century Outbound

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