Cityman Productions

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Cityman Productions
Cityman Productions logo.jpg
Owner Cityman 900
Location Finland
Opening Date February 2, 2019
Status Active
Years Active 2019 - Present

Cityman Productions is a Finnish record label specializing in Vaporwave and experimental music. The label was founded in 2019 by Cityman 900 in Turku, Finland.


TODO: Finish label discography
Date Catalog # Artist(s) Release
July 11, 2020 CITY-035 b o d y l i n e INSTANT IMAGES
October 22, 2021 CITYLP_006 b o d y l i n e CRUISING TELEVISIONS
December 3, 2021 CITYLP_007 猫 シ Corp. Blue Dream
March 11, 2022 N/A Various Artists Enter the Metaverse, A Solarpunk Experience
March 23, 2022 CITY_056 猫 シ Corp. HIRAETH
May 3, 2022 CITY_058 猫 シ Corp. OASYS ♁ 博物館
June 3, 2022 CITY_060 猫 シ Corp. Sunday Television
August 5, 2022 CITY_063 猫 シ Corp. Cosmopolitan Dreams
August 31, 2022 CITY_064 猫 シ Corp. Palm Mall Mars
October 7, 2022 CITY_065 猫 シ Corp. NEWS AT 11
November 1, 2022 CITY_066 猫 シ Corp. Class of '84
April 7, 2023 CITY_074 猫 シ Corp. アウディAudi
May 5, 2023 CITY_076 猫 シ Corp. ショップ @ ヘルシンキ
June 2, 2023 CITY_080 いすゞ・ピアッツァ ENTERPRISES ISUZU PIAZZA
August 4, 2023 CITY_082 猫 シ Corp. Good Morning America
August 29, 2023 CITY_084 猫 シ Corp. Luxury Girls
October 4, 2023 CITY_085 猫 シ Corp. lofi

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