Palm Mall Mars

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Palm Mall Mars
Palm Mall Mars-cover.png
Artist猫 シ Corp.
Additional Credits Christopher Hansen (Cover art, inlay artwork, META Boys)
猫 シ Corp. (Cards, overall layout)
Axel Enqvist (META Boys)
Angel Marcloid (Remastering)[1]
Release Type Album
Label Oasys Virtual Entertainment Productions
Geometric Lullaby
Cityman Productions
Catalog Number VEP009
GEO - SP06 (Geometric Lullaby)
Bandcamp Album
Release Date June 17, 2018
November 11, 2019 (Remaster)
February 17, 2020 (Republish)
August 31, 2022 (Cityman Productions)
Tracks 16
Length 1:02:13
Styles Mallsoft

electronic; mallsoft; plunderphonics; post-internet; sound collage; vaporwave (猫 シ Corp.)

electronic; dark ambient; experimental; hypnagogic; mallsoft; post-mallsoft; post-vaporwave; vaporwave (Geometric Lullaby)
Status Online
猫 シ Corp.
Previous Release A class in​​.​​​.​​​.​​' CRYPTO CURRENCY
Next Release Reservation at Dorsia

Palm Mall Mars (Titled Palm Mall Mars [Remastered] & Palm Mall Mars (remastered) for the remaster) is an album released by 猫 シ Corp., published for cassette through Oasys Virtual Entertainment Productions.

On November 11, 2019, the album was remastered, reissued, and published for vinyl through Geometric Lullaby. On February 17, 2020, the remastered album was republished onto 猫 シ Corp.'s Bandcamp with 猫 シ Corp. self-publishing their own line of cassettes. In 2022, the album was published on cassette through Cityman Productions in a special editions Sega Box.

The album serves as a sequel to 2014 Palm Mall.[2] 猫 シ Corp. noted Christopher Hansen as a "huge inspiration" for the album.[3]


# Tape Vinyl Track Length
1 A1 A1 スキポール空港Plaza
Schiphol Airport Plaza
2 A2 A2 Palm Mall Mars: Central Boulevard 3:26
3 A3 A3 Virtual World Generator 3:22
4 A4 A4 Indoor 園芸 Climate Control (MV)
Indoor Gardening Climate Control
5 A5 B1 Commercials 2:46
6 A6 B2 Second floor: 환대 & 음악 (w/ SEPHORA脳バイブス)
Second floor: Hospitality & Music
7 A7 B3 Poulsen Treatment Studio 3:06
8 A8 B4 Ring World Information System 5:35
9 B1 C1 Sembikiya Restaurant 2:50
10 B2 C2 홀로 그래픽 컴패니언 ARPE
11 B3 C3 Conference Room اجتماع
Conference Room Meeting
12 B4 C4 Commercials 3:22
13 B5 D1 Palm Mall Mars: Sports Centre (MV) 4:52
14 B6 D2 SmartLife K2049i 1:54
15 B7 D3 META Fashion dept. 3:28
16 B8 D4 Palm Mall Mars: Farcaster Station (w/ MindSpring Memories) 6:28


  • Palm Mall Mars: Sports Centre is stylized as Palm Mall Mars Sports Centre on SoundCloud.


猫 シ Corp. & Geometric Lullaby

Mankind cheered: not even 100 years after the first human set foot on the moon we made our first Mars colony.

Another 100 years later we cheered again: the first craters on Mars have been succesfully terraformed, cities are built and mankind is ready for it's first migration to another planet. To celebrate Earths Senate CEO opened in 2149 the first Martian shopping mall: PALM MALL MARS !

Today, the year 2199, we celebrate the 50th birthday of Palm Mall Mars. We welcome you with special discounts on luxurious items, grand offers on newly built Ring Worlds and will let you try out the new ARPE! Come visit us and get a 50% discount on your first Poulsen Treatment!

See you at Palm Mall Mars!

猫 シ Corp. (Remastered)

See you at Palm Mall Mars!


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