Class of '84

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Class of '84
Artist猫 シ Corp.
Release Type Album
Label Adhesive Sounds
Catalog Number CR-11 (Colosseum Records)
AS109 (Adhesive Sounds)
Bandcamp Album
(Free Download)
Release Date November 19, 2015 (Original)
April 23, 2016 (Official Mirror)
March 3, 2017 (Cassette)
Tracks 17
Length 48:38

cassette; electronic; experimental; vaporwave; ambient; mallsoft; Sacramento; (Colosseum Records)

funk; mallsoft; plunderphonics; post-internet; score; sound collage; soundtrack; tv music; vaporwave; Toronto; (Adhesive Sounds)

electronic; vaporwave; United States; (猫 シ Corp.)
Status Online
猫 シ Corp.
Previous Release OASYS 博物館
Next Release With Love

Class of '84 is an album by 猫 シ Corp., originally released in Colosseum Records and later mirrored on 猫 シ Corp.'s bandcamp. The Colosseum version was removed due to a catalogue purge and the 猫 シ Corp. was moved to it's own Bandcamp due to copyright claim concerns. On March 3, 2017, the album was reissued and published on cassette through Adhesive Sounds. A Colosseum Records print of the cassette was planned but never materialized.


# Tape Track Length
1 A1 SECRETS OF MY AGE [with ローマンRoman] 3:07
2 A2 TANAKA 2:10
3 A3 The Dress [with Luxury Elite] 4:36
4 A4 Alexis 2:42
5 A5 s n e a k p r e v i e w 1:49
6 A6 満月 SQUASHCLUB 1:46
8 A8 ラジオカセットレコーダー 2:00
9 A9 Class Of '84 2:23
10 B1 Galleria 2:12
11 B2 malibu boulevard 2:01
12 B3 Ocean Beach Highschool Prom 1984 2:09
13 B4 Rock Wit'cha [with Waterfront Dining] 5:52
14 B5 On A Real Date 2:27
15 B6 F I Z Z Y Valley 3:07
16 B7 城TOURIST 3:13
17 B8 Dreaming Of 85 3:24


Colosseum Records Description


Say hello to the graduating class of '84

猫 シ Corp.

waterfront dining

luxury elite


Class of '84 Description

all music uploaded here is free & all remixes/sampling found here is done for non-commercial entertainment and educational research only.

If any copyright infringement problems occur, notify me and it will be taken down immediatly.

Adhesive Sounds Description

Remember lovely exchange student Tanaka, late night milkshakes and that awful physics class?

Music from the hit TV series CLASS OF 84 season one is available now, on cassette for the first time!



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