Tom's Coffee Records

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Tom's Coffee Records
Tom's Coffee Records.jpg
Owner Tom Hancock[1]
Location New Albany, Ohio
Status Active
Years Active 2017 - Present

Tom's Coffee Records (shortened as TCR) is a vaporwave label run by Tom Hancock. The label is focusing both on digital releases and physical releases, specially cassette, with the only exception being the album "Growth", that was only released digitally. Its first release, a cassette publication now out of stock from rap duo Broke Bois, is at the label's official website, but wasn't released through the label's Bandcamp.


Date Catalog # Artist(s) Release
2017 TCRrct-001 Broke Bois The Broke Tracks
April 9, 2019 TCRrct-002 Fat_ima95 Error Error
April 28, 2020 TCRrct-003 Elite Zararus Work Flow Vol. I
September 1, 2020 TCRrct-004 UNDERGROUND ワールドコレクション TONY HAWK'S HEAVEN ASCENSION
June 21, 2021 TCRrct-005 HiFi-89 Golden Palms Mall
July 14, 2021 TCRrct-006 Elite Zararus Work Flow Vol. II
July 21, 2021 --- Elite Zararus & ber.nell Growth
August 6, 2021 TCRrct-007 ber.nell Evanesce Memories
September 8, 2021 TCRrct-008 Victu Chill Divin'

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