Ancient Science

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Ancient Science
Release Type EP
Label Self-published
Formats Digital File
(Unknown Location)
Release Date January 7, 2013 (Estimated)
Tracks 7
Length 11:53
Status Offline
Previous Release Vibrations
Next Release Cool Water

Ancient Science (otherwise rendered Ancient Science EP or Ancient science) is an EP by . This particular release marked an interesting shift in the artist's output: previously working primarily with classical vaporwave styles, Ancient Science introduced what appeared to be original synth compositions. In addition, certain copies of this release were notably made under the name, the artist otherwise going by 骨架的 commonly until 2019.


# Track Length
1 Welcome 0:29
2 Life Stream 2:00
3 Reef Worm 1:05
4 Future Station 2:02
5 Hologram Vision 2:03
6 Neon Clouds 1:26
7 Galaxy Ride 2:46


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