The Sigmund Generous Anniversary Compilation

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The Sigmund Generous Anniversary Compilation
ArtistVarious Artists
Release Type Album (Compilation)
Label Self-published
Bandcamp Album
YouTube Album
Release Date July 22, 2022
Tracks 56 (53 + 3 bonus tracks)
Length 3:18:19
Tags ambient; electronic; ambient; fundraiser; glo-fi; hypnagogic; hypnagogic pop; indie; lo-fi; lofi; plunderphonics; sample-based; synth; vaporwave
Status Online

The Sigmund Generous Anniversary Compilation is a compilation compiled by the music-archival YouTube channel "Sigmund Generous" to celebrate the third anniversary of the channel's first album upload. In respect to the nature of the channel, a majority of the tracks on the compilation were much older unreleased tracks volunteered by the contributing artists (all of whom have had their music uploaded by the channel). It also served as a charity compilation, with the money from purchases going to the deceased Sam Mehran's family. Downloads of the album on Bandcamp came with three bonus tracks and three previously unseen collages, all created by Sam Mehran.


# Artist Track Length
1 Sam Mehran UNTITLED 1 (2017) 3:15
2 Suburban Twilight Magic Bands (2022) 3:19
3 Sam Mehran FUNK PARK (2018) 2:09
4 Mondo Mango Cuckoo For Capital (2022) 3:04
5 BOMBARD TIMES (2022) 6:29
6 Nature's Kid Start Over (2022) 2:32
7 Chaz Allen babyluvv (2022) 1:34
8 Tiago Sarafado Mais (2011) 3:28
9 CH Rom Sketchy Empath (2022) 3:37
10 channel select FLOWER (2022) 3:06
11 Sam Mehran UNTITLED 2 (2018) 1:02
12 luxury elite west edmonton (2020) 2:47
13 Rangers High Beams (2017) 5:08
14 SYLLABUS Pink Tiles (2015) 6:28
15 skeleton 骷 so many things (2022) 2:08
16 Hi Tops Logo Some Days (2022) 2:07
17 Cruise Family Projections (2011) 4:18
18 Sam Mehran UNTITLED 3 (2018) 2:01
19 Coseph Jonrad some dance to remember some dance to forget (2012) 3:13
20 Orchid Spangiafora Be Careful (2022) 3:09
21 computer dreams the spirit (2022) 1:36
24 Sam Mehran UNTITLED 4 (2017) 1:42
25 Honeydrum Soaps (2012) 2:36
26 Magnétophonique Pulpwood (2013) 1:45
27 Polonius Balleto con il tratto di argento liquido (2017) 3:13
28 venus drinking blood (2017) 2:25
29 clean slate devotion (2022) 2:56
30 Solo Jazz Cup Careless Mystery (2022) 3:07
31 FutureFunkRocker Skyline Drive (2014) 4:13
32 skeleton 骷 sax addict (2022) 1:08
33 Hi Tops Logo Pretty Things (2022) 3:38
34 VAV-31 Shrouded In Fog (2015) 1:46
35 snow 雪 goodnight! we hope to see you again!! (2018) 2:16
36 Disk System We Sleep Together (2016) 2:20
37 Monte Alegoria y Sueño (2013) 5:38
38 Magnétophonique Forest Temple (2013) 2:33
39 VAV-31 Isolation (2020) 1:31
40 Magic Teens 24 April 2022 (2022) 8:00
41 Datavis Flow Circuit (Obligatory Ice Level Tip Line Version) (2020) 3:23
42 Terlu Regal Son, Cancudi Broadway (2011 14:20
43 NYKDLN duck and dail (2009/2012) 6:54
44 Avocados Breve Nube en la Heliplaza (2014) 2:07
45 Josh Burke A Life Of Mystery I (2022) 6:26
46 GOLDEN LIVING ROOM Liminal View (2022) 6:24
47 withering spheres end of life entertainment scenario #2 (2021) 3:04
48 Inmediata Já lá estar (2017) 6:48
49 Josh Burke A Life Of Mystery II (2010) 2:59
50 Delorean Grey All Your Memory Are Belong To Us (2021) 5:49
51 Opus Vivaldi Breakfast with Terminator (2013) 7:44
52 NEW MEXICAN STARGAZERS Chloroplast Uploaded (2020) 8:17
53 Polonius Gli stargazers che guardano le stelle quaggiù (2017) 4:03
54 Sam Mehran UNTITLED 5 (2017) 1:06
55 Sam Mehran UNTITLED 6 (2017) 0:53
56 Sam Mehran UNTITLED 7 (2018) 2:03


  • Tracks 1 to 36 are labeled as comprising "PART ONE: Silicon Silhouettes and Generated Geishas", while tracks 37 to 53 comprise "PART TWO: Sibylline Simulacra and Gecko Genesis".
  • Several of the tracks include explanations of where each track comes from in the Bandcamp info:
    • west edmonton (2020) is an outtake from high society.
    • Pink Tiles (2015) is an outtake from the artist's side of Double Date.
    • some dance to remember some dance to forget (2012) is an outtake from "paper round tapes volume twelve", although an alternate take on the same sample does appear on the album as "hotel california".
    • DONATIONWARE (2022) is an outtake from FORMAT BLUE, released just six days before the compilation. The track was also featured in the artist's set for the Late Night Lights II livestream event (which was otherwise composed entirely of preview tracks from the upcoming FORMAT BLUE album), where it was referred to as a "b-side". This made DONATIONWARE the first track to be released before the compilation was.
    • Pulpwood (2013) and Forest Temple (2013) are both outtakes from "Lush Islands / Illusion Of Paradise".
    • drinking blood (2017) is an outtake from rose coloured death.
    • Flow Circuit (Obligatory Ice Level Tip Line Version) (2020) is an alternate take on the track "Flow Circuit" from the album "Line To Line".
    • duck and dail (2009/2012) is an outtake from the artist's first album, In My Childhood, preceded by a clip from an unsurfaced recording of live Tinychat concert from 2012.
    • Chloroplast Uploaded (2020) is an outtake from "AQUA TEMPLE".
  • Despite the similar titles, "A Life Of Mystery I" and "A Life Of Mystery II" are unrelated tracks.


Welcome to THIS - the product of six months of planning and even more months of dreaming, the Sigmund Generous Anniversary Compilation! If you've been following the channel for a while, you'll recognize most if not all of these names. They're all artists I've uploaded music by in the past, and by extension they're all artists I deeply love, respect, and admire. To further celebrate the anniversary and the current legacy of the channel, I've specifically asked all the artists in this compilation to share tracks that have never been released before. This includes everything from demos to outtakes to sneak peeks of future releases to tracks created specifically for this album. It's all incredibly cool stuff, and I honestly don't think there's a single bad track on this album! This compilation never would've been possible of course without all the many, many kind artists who contributed their tracks, but I want to give a special thanks to Dreaming Diary, Abbas Mehran, Katie Rush, Synod, Scott Michael, Erik Hurtado, CH Rom, and Robin Burnett for their assistance with making this a reality <3 <3 <3

But I'm getting ahead of myself: This compilation is extra special because it's a fundraiser! As many of you may know, Sam Mehran (one of the most important artists not just to hypnagogic pop, but to the early vaporwave scene as well) passed away almost exactly four years ago, almost a year before I started this channel. Since then, his family has been trying to pay for a memorial plaque bearing his name in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles, the perfect way to honor both him and his career. By purchasing this compilation, your money will 100% go *directly* to his family for that goal! And you won't just get the chance to download the whole compilation in higher quality than what's on YouTube: the download also comes with three exclusive Sam Mehran demos as well as three never-before-seen pieces of unused Outer Limits Recordings art from early 2011! I can't stress enough how big of a bonus these all are, and I'm honored to be given the opportunity to not only present these but to help out with such a great cause. You can also purchase any of the Sam Mehran tracks on the compilation individually if you like, every dollar counts! Alternatively, you can donate directly to the source if you prefer (for a limited time):


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