Quarantine Tapes

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Quarantine Tapes
ArtistSkeleton 骷
Release Type Album
Label Self-published
SoundCloud Set
Spotify Album
Release Date April 15, 2020 (SoundCloud)
2022 (Spotify)
Tracks 17 (Spotify)
Length 34:36
Tags Unknown
Status Online
Skeleton 骷
Previous Release Recent Recordings
Next Release after dark

Quarantine Tapes is an album by Skeleton 骷. The album was originally released as a Soundcloud playlist with nine tracks near the beginning of the introduction of American quarantine measures as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, with more tracks gradually added and removed until the artist's SoundCloud account was unexpectedly deleted after around a month. The album was later brought back on Spotify two years later, heavily revising the pre-existing tracks and combining them with various other previously SoundCloud-exclusive tracks from the Recent Recordings releases. The album would then be removed roughly six months later.



# Track Length
1 Escape 0:31
2 Wake Up 2:17
3 Brothers 3:00
4 Lifetime 0:56
5 Temporary 1:12
6 Courtesy 1:29
7 Nowhere To Go 1:36
8 Yesterday 1:27
9 Disappear 2:21
10 Lucky Stars 3:38
11 Rainbow 1:05
12 The Wind 3:17
13 Just A Vision 1:08
14 Inside 3:00
15 So Far Away 0:44
16 The End 6:00
17 Eternity (bonus) 0:57

SoundCloud tracks

# Track Length
1 skeletal (or "digital skeleton") 5:27
2 somewhere 7:28
3 unknown 2:31
4 in the night 2:36
5 sometime in 1994 1:59
6 horizontal 2:27
7 moon in the daytime 2:26
8 example of a human (or "human experience") 2:38
9 masters of the universe 3:08
10 original skeleton (or "original skeleton composition") 16:42
11 feeling (or "sad ting") 0:59
12 inside (or "guts") 3:00


TODO: Compare the Spotify track listing with the SoundCloud releases of Quarantine Tapes, Recent Recordings, and Recent Recordings II
  • The tracks in original SoundCloud playlist repeatedly changed order and titles after its initial release. This only serves as a complete chronological list of the tracks that were involved throughout its history and does not accurately reflect how the playlist looked at any point in time. It is at least certain that the final version of the SoundCloud playlist contained all of the tracks shown above in the order listed, with the exception of somewhere, unknown, and into the night.


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