DJ Alina

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DJ Alina
AKA Alina Vovk, Alina V., Tres Monitores, COINSTARR, Floodgates, free refills, stress, YUNGストレス
Name Elizabeth Yordy
Location United States
Years Active 2013 - Present

DJ Alina is the hardvapour experimental project of American producer Elizabeth Yordy and co-founder of SPF420.

The artist seems to be inactive since 2019, but has made a compilation track in 2021.


Date Artist(s) Release Type
April 28, 2013 COINSTARR COOL MOVES! Album
May 3, 2013 DJ Alina WINAMP SENSATION (From Acosta Nation: Compilation For Hermes Acosta) V/A Track
May 5, 2013 Tres Monitores Leyandas EP
July 23, 2013 COINSTARR Gemini Drowning (with 회사AUTO) Feature
January 21, 2016 DJ Alina VIRTUAL REPUBLIC EP
March 6, 2016 DJ Alina ти і я (From Hardvapour.)
Me And You
V/A Track
April 26, 2016 DJ ALINA MANIAX Album
May 20, 2016 DJ Alina & Nikita V Collapse (From Absolve U) V/A Track
July 5, 2016 DJ ALINA x TRENDS TERROR Single
October 15, 2016 DJ ALINA RESISTANCE (From 2057) V/A Track
November 8, 2016 DJ ALINA CLASSIX Album
December 9, 2016 DJ ALINA NO LIGHT (From Love Without Domination) V/A Track
July 19, 2017 Alina Vovk / HKE FEARLESS / LEVEL 7 Split
October 5, 2017 Alina Vovk The Eternal Rising Flame (From CHAOS 1: Nirvana Is Leaking Into The Mainframe) V/A Track
March 9, 2018 Alina Vovk Streetwear Single
February 5, 2021 DJ Alina Ruminate (From The MAGI System) V/A Track

Project List


COINSTARR is the early vaporwave/lo-fi alias of DJ Alina. Originally started in early 2013, while releasing classic vaporwave and also electronic lo-fi works.

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Tres Monitores

Tres Monitores (Three Monitors) is a vaporwave Mexican-themed alias of DJ Alina. The album, Leyandas was released on fortune 500.

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free refills

free refills is a punk/noise alias of DJ Alina. Despite it being "a band" in the Twitter bio at the time, it is very likely a solo project.

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