Acosta Nation: Compilation For Hermes Acosta

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Acosta Nation: Compilation For Hermes Acosta
ArtistVarious Artists
Release Type Album (Compilation)
Label You Are Already Dead Records
Catalog Number YAAD008
Bandcamp Album
Release Date May 3, 2013
Tracks 28
Length 1:39:25
Tags experimental
Status Offline

Acosta Nation: Compilation For Hermes Acosta is a compilation published through You Are Already Dead Records and mostly comprised of contributions from Living Room Visions Collective members, frequent SPF420 performers, and local Kansas bands. It is released as a tribute to Hermes Acosta, a notable early fan of vaporwave. The compilation was removed from the label at an unknown date.


# Artist Track Length
1 Something And The Whatevers We're Not Even Trying 3:57
2 日本人 (Japanese) Sparkle 2:27
3 Dr∆g DRvGS Draaaaaaag 3:25
4 Wally Tusk And The Film Club Wizard Gandhi 3:09
5 Dean Monkey And The Dropouts Dean's Theme 2:13
6 Electric Needle Land Sleeping 2:13
7 R Type Final Rock That Shit 5:36
8 Lost Trail The Way We Inhabit The Landscape 3:49
9 Otto Rollo breakfast 3:23
10 The San Francisco Dead Rabbits Interlude 1:52
11 James Discovers Math God AM 4:20
12 Rev Gusto Sooo Tired 2:06
13 sqrt(ur mother) f in drone 4:07
14 Memorex Dawn tragicomedy 1:15
15 Public Spreads The News Move It 1:43
16 Ddean Cassidy <3ly Skunk 2:01
18 hearts bonfire Looking For Mountains..That's Fine I Guess 3:26
19 The Electric Nature Invocation 14:10
20 日本人 (Japanese) ダブステップ (Dubstep) 3:43
21 Kodak Cameo Flamingo 2:15
22 SALLY? I Havn't Paid 1:05
23 Mormon Toasterhead i can tell what you'll look like when you're old 2:37
24 Dan Ohm whatwouldjesusdoifheknewallyourclothesweremadeinsweatshops 3:14
25 Saint Pepsi miss you 2:16
26 MJ Linckoln Suite For Hermes 6:25
27 Panda Circus Supertom And The 6-Dimensional Cat 5:22
28 Theo's Mystic Robot Orchestra HA HA HA 1:53


  • Sparkle, Move It, ダブステップ (Dubstep), Flamingo, and miss you had all been previously released as SoundCloud singles by their respective artists.
  • WINAMP SENSATION had previously been released under the name "YOUNG STRESS".
  • The version of miss you used here is the SoundCloud version, which would later be reworked for Hit Vibes.


A few months ago, like many people in the Living Room Visions collective, I became very oddly interested in a man/child named Hermes Acosta. No one really knew how to feel about him. And to this day, I really don't know how to feel about him. He is either an ultimate troll or the mascot of the internet: either way, he's been a talking point on the internet for a while. So, without further notice, we present to you "Acosta Nation," a compilation dedicated to the infamous Hermes Acosta. Thank you to all the amazing people who contributed, and we hope you love it. :)

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