Absolve U

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Absolve U
ArtistVarious Artists
Release Type Album (Compilation)
Label Puzzle Piece Exchange
(Free Download)
Release Date March 20, 2016
Tracks 8 (formerly 12)
Length 51:10
Tags electronic; ambient; experimental; hardvapour; nuwrld; vaporwave
Status Online

Absolve U is a compilation and the only release published by Puzzle Piece Exchange. The album was originally released with 12 tracks, but at an unknown date 4 of the original tracks were removed.


# Tape Artist Track Length
1 A1 DJ Alina & Nikita V COLLAPSE (Removed) 4:19
2 A2 HCMJ Terminal Wrld 4:48
3 A3 luxury elite $100 3:37
4 A4 Blank Body Nerve (Removed) 2:51
5 A5 Cash Wednesday Driving Lessons 3:29
6 A6 Golden Living Room Textures 2:44
7 A7 Location Services In Passing 3:21
8 B1 death's dynamic shroud.wmv Breakup 3:34
9 B2 PowerPCME Ezra's Prayer 7:18
10 B3 Skeleton Lipstick Prison 3:47
11 B4 DEIPHIX Bazu (Removed) 7:02
12 B5 Windows 98の chris††† - Judas Inside (Windows 98の DE:AD Mix) (Removed) 4:20
13 N/A _bakemono_ Uncanny (Bonus) 3:20


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