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Additional Credits Keith Rankin (Artwork)
Carmine Bloise (NΞ1✪NΞ1 MV)
[f.r] (White Lodge Simulation MV)
Angel Marcloid (Vinyl mastering)
Release Type Album
Label Orange Milk Records
Geometric Lullaby
Catalog Number GEO - SP08 (Geometric Lullaby)
Bandcamp Album
Release Date August 4, 2017 (Orange Milk Records)
July 3, 2020 (Geometric Lullaby)
Tracks 42 (26 + 16 remixes)
Length 2:27:23 (Album + Remixes)
1:12:37 (Album)

electronic; orange milk; electronic experimental; footwork; idm; louisville; plunderphonics; psychedelic; sound collage; vaporwave (Nmesh)

experimental; big beat; internet; other; plunderphonics; vaporwave (Orange Milk Records)

electronic; dark ambient; experimental; footwork; hypnagogic; idm; louisville; plunderphonics; post-vaporwave; psychadelic; sound collage; vaporwave (Geometric Lullaby)
Status Online
Previous Release Neon Shadows
Next Release Red 40 Alumninum Lake

Pharma is an album by Nmesh, initially published by Orange Milk Records on cassette, and later given a vinyl repress by Geometric Lullaby. The release is the first album of Nmesh's since his ロストエデンへのパス split in 2015, and consists partly of lost or obscure tracks of his (dating back to 2010 in production with tracks such as Mall Full Of Drugs). The album is a departure from the artist's previous "classic-style" orientation in the genre and consists of much more experimental plunderphonic elements with core pieces of vaporwave in the mix.

In 2019 Nmesh conducted a remix compilation based on the track "Mall Full Of Drugs", published as Drug Full of Remixes.


# Tape Vinyl Track Length
1 A1 A1 Understand 0:14
2 A2 A2 NΞ1✪NΞ1 (MV) 3:37
3 A3 A3 Fall Any Vegetable 2:01
4 A4 A4 Rangdang Slapjab 1:25
5 A5 A5 BΛSS///COP™ 3:40
6 A6 A6 Vault Maintenance 700 CMC (Black Swan Dub) 2:10
7 A7 A7 cut scene 5230-4968 albatross 0923-1874 0:20
8 A8 A8 White Lodge Simulation (MV) 8:24
9 A9 B1 High Speed Adjustable Broiler 1:12
10 A10 B2 Tiny Classified Ads 1:52
11 A11 B3 Acid Baby (narr. Tony Bamanaboni) 4:12
12 A12 B4 PBS Ancillary Rack Room 2:12
13 A13 B5 Cocktails In Space 3:21
14 B1 B6 Pants-A-Thon @ SQUAREBASE 1:25
15 B2 C1 Mall Full Of Drugs 9:13
16 B3 C2 Phase 1 Lvl Snap Chill 0:30
17 B4 C3 Everyone Will Flake Out 0:55
18 B5 C4 The Program (You Are Stars) 1:36
19 B6 C5 Workalude 1:26
20 B7 C6 /////LD-99///// 3:57
21 B8 D1 Weed Jesus 4:24
22 B9 D2 Twilight Meridian 2:21
23 B10 D3 Milk Channel 3:05
24 B11 D4 NΞW JΛCK CITY 1:27
25 B12 D5 Hepatic Portal 5:47
26 B13 D6 Left Alone In A Blue Room 1:40
27 C1 N/A White Lodge Simulation (Odd Nosdam Remix) 4:52
28 C2 Fall Any Vegetable (食品まつり a.k.a foodman Remix) 3:43
29 C3 NΞ1✪NΞ1 (Jacob 2-2 RMX) 3:50
30 C4 Mall Full Of Drugs (Traxman's high as hell remixx) 4:31
31 C5 Weed Jesus (Giganta Remix) 3:39
32 C6 Mall Full Of Drugs (Rebuilt by Humanoid) 5:20
33 C7 Twilight Meridian (GOLDEN LIVING ROOM Remix) 3:22
34 C8 Tiny Classified Ads (FIRE-TOOLZ Effexor Withdrawal Remix) 9:43
35 D1 White Lodge Simulation (VAPERROR Remix) 2:37
36 D2 PBS Ancillary Rack Room (Diamondstein Remix) 7:37
37 D3 Twilight Meridian (Jade Statues Remix) 4:20
38 D4 Hepatic Portal (death dynamic shroud.wmv's NUWRLD Version) 4:15
39 D5 Mall Full Of Drugs (HKE Remix) 3:42
40 D6 Acid Baby (Hyphyskazerbox's Trippy Mane Mix) 4:11
41 D7 /////LD-99///// (djwwww Remix) 4:31
42 D8 Left Alone In A Blue Room (Obama420 SCHALk ReM1XXX) 4:44


  • NΞ1✪NΞ1 was initially released as an exclusive track for HHW-MIX: #21 in October 2014.
  • Fall Any Vegetable was initially released as a part of the Orange Milk Compilation 2016 V/A release.
  • Cocktails In Space was, according to Nmesh, a track meant for a compilation that never came to fruition.
  • Weed Jesus, originally named ///WEED JESUS///, was Nmesh's contribution to the 4/20/'96 compilation.
  • NΞW JΛCK CITY was originally named 繁華街 NEW JACK CITY (DOWNTOWN NEW JACK CITY) during its release as a single in 2013.


I listen to Nmesh albums differently than most music, with equal attention given to the pure musical aspects and the pillaging of old movie clips, commercials, and general media ephemeral. That these musical and non-musical strains cohere into something both listenable and exciting speaks to the adept curation and compositional sense at play. Pharma is the successor to previous Nmesh albums Nu.wav Hallucinations and Dream Sequins, and can be similarly viewed through the frame of an evolving vaporware scene or John Oswald’s plunderphonics movement, though neither tag fully encapsulates the album’s sound world and ethos. Pharma also dips into modern Big Beat and other electronic sub genres, made more prominent through remixes by artists like Odd Nosdam, Foodman, Traxman, Giganta, and more.


TODO: Scans, missing singles covers (Cocktails In Space, Hepatic Portal

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