computer dreams (Artist)

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computer dreams (Artist)
Location Houston, Texas, United States
Years Active 2011 - 2013, 2018 - 2020, 2022 - Present

computer dreams is an anonymous vaporwave artist known for their influence in the creation of the early vaporwave scene, especially through releases on BEER ON THE RUG. They first released music on their blog in early 2011, seemingly inspired by 骨架的. They continued to upload music until 2013, after which they unexpectedly went silent and deleted many of their accounts.

In 2018, they returned from their hiatus; releasing music in the footwork genre under all their previous aliases as well as re-uploading their past releases. Later in 2020, the artist would again delete or deactivate their remaining pages, but would return and restore everything in 2022, coupled with a few albums getting re-published on physical formats.


Date Artist Release Type
May 14, 2011 midnight television midnight television EP
June 1, 2011 computer dreams computer dreams Album
August 12, 2011 computer dreams 永不醒来 Single
September 15, 2011 computer dreams silk road Album
December 1, 2011 computer dreams untitled EP
November, 2012 sewer slime glow Single
January 8, 2013 computer dreams (also as computer slime) ミスト Album
February 15, 2013 computer slime rinse cycle (from the music of the now age) V/A Track
October 6, 2018 midnight television find a way Single
July 19, 2019 computer slime sticky keys EP
December 1, 2019 computer dreams त्रैलोक्य / भवचक्र Single


  • Many of the pre-2013 dates are impossible to verify and are simply the best possible estimates.

Project List

computer dreams

computer dreams is a former alias of computer dreams, later becoming the main project name by the artist. The project mostly works around manipulation of small bits of audio in a "classic-style" manner.

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computer slime

computer slime is an alias of computer dreams, once considered the primary project of the artist. The project utilizes similar aesthetics and editing styles.

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midnight television

midnight television is an alias best known for its self-titled release and more broken-transmissions-leaning presentation. This is computer slime's first recorded alias, with a Bandcamp and accompanying Tumblr being created on April 19, 2011. Both have since been deleted.

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