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AKA 骨架的, Skeleton 骷, soundcpu
Location Queens, New York, United States
Years Active 2010 - Present

(Skeleton) is an anonymous vaporwave artist based in Queens, New York. 骷 is known for making some of the earliest examples of what is considered "classic" vaporwave. His album Holograms would later be a major inspiration for the 2011 output of computer dreams, Vektroid, and INTERNET CLUB. He frequently removes releases, sometimes years (or even, in one case, mere hours) after publishing them. Currently, the only albums officially available are Skeleton, Holograms, Reflections, Lost Memories, Cool Water, Sunset Melody, and Lost Memories 3.


Date Artist(s) Release Type
September, 2010 失われた記憶 Deal With It Single
September 8, 2010 失われた記憶 still awake Single
September 8, 2010 失われた記憶 Out There Single
September 8, 2010 失われた記憶 dont sleep Single
September, 2010 失われた記憶 microwave Single
September 16, 2010 失われた記憶 slow tropical Single
September 18, 2010 失われた記憶 tones Single
September, 2010 失われた記憶 eye Single
September, 2010 失われた記憶 IIIIIIIIIIIIII Single
September, 2010 失われた記憶 COLD BREEZE Single
October 2, 2010 骨架的 Skeleton Album
November 2, 2010 骨架的 Holograms Album
September 18, 2012 骨架的 Reflections Album
October 9, 2012 骨架的 Lost Memories Album
October 24, 2012 骨架的 Liquid Fantasy Album
October 25, 2012 骨架的 Illegal Antenna Album
December 26, 2012 骨架的 Safe Album
December 27, 2012 骨架的 Vibrations EP
December 27, 2012 Ancient Science EP
February 15, 2013 骨架的 to be continued... (from the music of the now age) V/A Track
November 9, 2013 骨架的 Slow Computer (from The Music of the Now Age II) V/A Track
December 24, 2014 骨架的 Poor Homme Album
January 24, 2015 骨架的 Lost Memories II Album
January 24, 2015 Single
July 29, 2015 骨架的 Vacation (from The Music of the Now Age III) V/A Track
October 20, 2015 骨架的 Colours (from The Vape Council Vol. 1) V/A Track
October 24, 2015 骨架的 pure skeleton (from VAPOR波 Selects Vol. 1) V/A Track
March 26, 2017 骨架的 Opal Disc Album
March 26, 2017 骨架的 Sunset Melody Album
March 26, 2017 骨架的 rain at night (from EXOSPHERE) V/A Track
June 13, 2018 骨架的 Imagination Single
October 28, 2018 Lost Memories 3 Album
2019 骷 S k e l e t o n Recent Recordings Album
2019 骷 S k e l e t o n Recent Recordings II Album
April, 2020 Quarantine Tapes Album
September 1, 2020 /trashgh0st after dark Single
July 22, 2022 Skeleton 骷 so many things & sax addict (from The Sigmund Generous Anniversary Compilation) V/A Track
October 1, 2022 Skeleton 骷 Beyond Me (from The Music of the Now Age IV) V/A Track


is the primary name for the artist's released projects, typically not opting for aliases. From 2010 until sometime in 2019, the artist was known as 骨架的, changing to a lesser-known but more accurate translation of the same name.

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失われた記憶 (Lost Memory) is an alias of 骷 used for releasing multiple singles in 2010 on Myspace. This included tracks that would come to be added to 骷 releases, along with multiple exclusives. For a short amount of time, some of 骷's early releases were reuploaded under this name on Bandcamp as well.

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(Edit) is an alias used specifically for a temporary self-titled single used in place of multiple purged releases.

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