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Additional Credits Finley Sinclaire (2024 Cassette Design)
Release Type Album
Label business casual
Shatterfoil Industries
Catalog Number BIZC037 (business casual)
Bandcamp Album
Release Date March 27, 2014
March 13, 2022 (Anniversary)
January 27, 2024 (Cassette Re-release)
Tracks 23 (12 + 11 bonus tracks)
Length 39:35 (Original)
53:19 (Anniversary)
1:08:09 (Expanded)
Styles Late Night Lo-Fi, Future Funk

experimental; ambient; chillwave; experimental electronic; future funk; noise; nu disco; plunderphonics; vaporwave (SYLLABUS)

electronic; nu disco; chillwave; future funk; plunderphonics; vaporwave (business casual)

electronic; classic vapor; experimental; michigan; vapor; vaporwave; wisconsin (Shatterfoil Industries)
Status Online
Previous Release Upcoming
Next Release Intercontinental

July is an album released by Syllabus in 2014, published on cassette through business casual.

In 2022, the album was expanded and remastered for it's 8th anniversary and republished through Syllabus's own Bandcamp page, including 6 bonus tracks. In 2024, this version was published on cassette through Shatterfoil Industries, which included an additional 5 bonus tracks.


# Tape (2014) Tape (2024) Track Length
1 A1 A1 Cellular Control 2:56
2 A2 A2 Is This INTERNET CLUB? 2:40
3 A3 A3 Condominium Living 3:09
4 A4 A4 Beach Morning ~ Underwater 2:32
5 A5 A5 Beach Day 2:56
6 A6 A6 NEON NIGHT 5:36
7 B1 A7 Seven Hours Drunk With Furniture Against The Door 3:32
8 B2 A8 Give It Up 2:48
9 B3 A9 abstraction 4:06
10 B4 A10 The Other Day 3:12
11 B5 B1 U & I 2:34
12 B6 B2 memories on the horizon 3:34
8th Anniversary Edition
13 N/A B3 More Chores 2:44
14 B4 Beach Evening ~ At The Bar 2:08
15 B5 Surf 'n' Turf 2:02
16 B6 All Nighter 2:27
17 B7 Memories From A Portable Radio 2:02
18 B8 Melissa 2:16
19 B9 Condominium Living (CASINO Remix) 3:24
20 B10 U&I (Channel Select Remix) 2:43
21 B11 Abstraction (strip_silence Remix) 3:26
22 B12 All Nighter (EPPSSONN Remix) 1:13
23 B13 the other day (syllabus heartbeat mix) 4:01


  • All Nighter was originally made for an unknown compilation and was apparently rejected due to another artist sampling the same song.[1]
  • Melissa was original released on UNRELEASED.
  • Each of the remix tracks were new tracks included with the 2024 cassette release.



originally released on March 27th, 2014, i dug up the original project files for this album and have remastered it. there are also 6 bonus tracks now. enjoy. love you.

Shatterfoil Industries

During the early years of vaporwave, the sound of VHS Pop had not been fully fleshed out, before artists like Video 2000 would pioneer its concepts and have it evolved by people such as Epson in the later years. At the same time that this was being originally created, SYLLABUS had already been hard at work at putting their own spin on the highly digitized, highly bitcrushed texture that the style was known for.

Elements of pop, laid back beach lounging music, and similarly cleanly produced genres were given a sprucing up with a sound that perfect evokes the feeling of summer. Rough, blown out, and energetic, "July" was a prime example of what could be done with just the mastering approach to vaporwave albums, without even speaking of the well-made chopping work to its samples.

A decade later, and two years after the release of the 8th anniversary edition, it still stands as a tenet upon which modern VHS Pop's sound is built off of and remains supremely strong as a point in the artist's career. To celebrate the occasion, we have invited VHS Pop legends EPPSSONN and channel select on to provide their remixes to this classic work, as well as contributions by strip_silence and CASINO.

Along with that, SYLLABUS themself has contributed one final track to the album, to close it out after so many years of it standing as standing tall. Slow, ambient, and moving, it's a perfect way to celebrate how far they and their work have come.


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