Double Date

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Double Date
Artist猫 シ Corp. / SYLLABUS
Additional Credits JohnMoProductions (1st Cassette Pressing Artwork)
Derek Stegall (2nd Cassette Pressing Artwork & Layout)
Andrew Walker (Vinyl Artwork & Design)
Release Type Album (Split)
Label Plastic Response Records
My Pet Flamingo
Catalog Number PR18 (Plastic Response Records)
Bandcamp Album
(Paid Download)
Release Date July 7, 2015
March 20, 2022 (SYLLABUS)
February 2, 2024 (Vinyl)
Tracks 24 (Split)
14 (10 + 4 bonus tracks) (SYLLABUS)
Length 69:39 (Split)
47:52 (SYLLABUS)

experimental; ambient; experimental electronic; noise; plunderphonics; vaporwave (SYLLABUS)

devotional; electronic; ambient; experimental; plastic response records; plunderphonics; vaporwave (Plastic Response Records)

electronic; ambient; experimental; future funk; synthwave; vaporwave (My Pet Flamingo)
Status Online
猫 シ Corp.
Previous Release アウディAudi
Next Release B-sides, Demos and Rarities
Previous Release Intercontinental
Next Release /

Double Date is a split release between 猫 シ Corp. and SYLLABUS, published by Plastic Response Records in 2015, receiving a cassette release in the same year. In 2017, the album had a second edition cassette release, featuring new artwork.

In 2022, SYLLABUS re-uploaded their side of the album on their Bandcamp, including 4 previously unreleased bonus tracks. In 2024, the album was published on vinyl through My Pet Flamingo with re-designed artwork.



Artist # Tape Track Length
猫 シ Corp. 1 A1 Kimberly 3:27
2 A2 Glowsticks 2:30
3 A3 Hi Tops & Milkshakes 2:57
4 A4 After School 3:32
5 A5 Endless Neon Signs 2:21
6 A6 Heather 2:03
7 A7 Infernus 2:37
8 A8 Irish Coffee 1:20
9 A9 Luxurious Enterprises 1:57
10 A10 Second Date 0:52
11 A11 Tennis Girl 2:19
12 A12 You Were Dreaming 2:44
猫 シ Corp./SYLLABUS 13 A13 Private Crush (Bonus) 0:58
14 A14 Night To Remember (Bonus) 3:44
SYLLABUS 15 B1 Ruby 2:50
16 B2 Burning Sensation 4:36
17 B3 Chemical Reaction 2:49
18 B4 P R I V A T E S H O W 2:22
19 B5 Rollerskates 2:43
20 B6 Paradise Delusion 2:27
21 B7 Video Neu 7:00
22 B8 (Love Has) Faded 5:05
23 B9 Boom Boom (Like My Heart) 2:58
24 B10 City Of The Night 4:20


# Track Length
1 Ruby 2:50
2 Burning Sensation 4:36
3 Chemical Reaction 3:02
4 P R I V A T E S H O W 2:28
5 Rollerskates 2:43
6 Paradise Delusion 2:28
7 Video Neu 7:02
8 (Love Has) Faded 5:05
9 Boom Boom (Like My Heart) 2:58
10 City Of The Night 3:28
11 Welcome! 1:48
12 Arithmetic 3:16
13 Private Crush (SYLLABUS 2022 Version) 3:32
14 Everything's Gonna Be Alright 2:33


  • The track Boom Boom (Like My Heart) is mis-titled as Luxurious Enterprises, due to it's similar track-listing placement of 猫 シ Corp.'s track.
  • Welcome!, Arithmetic, and Everything's Gonna Be Alright are bonus tracks included with the 2022 SYLLABUS re-upload.


Plastic Response Records

猫 シ Corp. returns to Plastic Response nearly a year after his seminal vaporwave cassette release, Late Night Stereo, bringing a summer vibe this time around. He has crafted another fantastic release, you won't be disappointed.

Keeping the sunny vibes flowing, SYLLABUS makes her debut on Plastic Response with a phenomenal set of songs. We couldn't be happier to have SYLLABUS in the Plastic Response family.


back with another! only a few bonus tracks on this one, i really did not have a lot of leftover material from around this time. hope you enjoy the bonus tracks. love ya.


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