Daily Night Euphoria

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Daily Night Euphoria
ArtistLindsheaven Virtual Plaza
Additional Credits default.cfg (Updated Art Cover)
Release Type Album
Label business casual
Vaporwave Tapes Brasil
Tiger Blood Tapes
Catalog Number BIZC008 (business casual)
VWTBR_056 (Vaporwave Tapes Brasil)
TBTSecret (Tiger Blood Tapes)
Bandcamp Album
(Free Download)
Release Date July 3, 2013
April 20, 2020 (Re-release)
November 6, 2020 (Cassette)
Tracks 6 (Original)
11 (Re-release)
Length 18:26 (Original)
43:24 (Re-release)

electronic; ambient; chillout; chillwave; downtempo; electronic; experimental; future funk; italo disco; lo-fi; lofi; mallsoft; synthwave; vaporwave (Lindsheaven Virtual Plaza)

electronic; nu disco; ambient; chillout; chillwave; electronic; future funk; mallsoft; mediagaze; newbreed; plunderphonics; post-media; post-vaporwave; surrealism; vaporwave; webwave (business casual)

electronic; lofi; synthwave; vaporwave (Vaporwave Tapes Brasil)

edm; electronic; hip hop; beats; instrumental; vaporwave (Tiger Blood Tapes)
Status Online
Lindsheaven Virtual Plaza
Previous Release In Construction
Next Release NTSC Memories

Daily Night Euphoria (released as Daily Night Euphoria EP) is an album by Lindsheaven Virtual Plaza. The album was originally released as an EP through business casual, later published on cassette through Bizbox #2. The album upload through the artist's page contains 5 bonus tracks, which were later used in the 2020 "Deluxe" release of the album through Vaporwave Tapes Brasil, which was published on cassette through Tiger Blood Tapes as a bonus with the cassette release of NTSC Redacting and Sign​-​Off Meditations, 1982.


Lindsheaven Virtual Plaza

# Track Length
1 IBM Lotus Night 4:02
2 Nocturnal Euphoria 2:41
3 Into The Night 2:29
4 Hello Dawn 2:48
5 Litchfield Interlude (Bonus) 2:25
6 Don't You Give Up (Bonus) 7:44
7 Never Ever Again (Bonus) 3:14
8 Debussy's Neon Voyage (Bonus) 7:20
9 Falsewave (Bonus) 3:09

business casual

# Tape Track Length
1 A1 IBM Lotus Night 4:02
2 A2 Nocturnal Euphoria 2:41
3 A3 Into The Night 2:29
4 B1 Simulating Night 3:39
5 B2 Police Action Out There 2:44
6 B3 Hello Dawn 2:48

Deluxe Edition

# Tape Track Length
1 A1 IBM Lotus Night 4:02
2 A2 Nocturnal Euphoria 2:41
3 A3 Into The Night 2:29
4 A4 Hello Dawn 2:48
5 A5 Police Action Out There 2:44
6 A6 Litchfield Interlude 2:25
7 A7 Falsewave 4:13
8 B1 Don't You Give Up 7:44
9 B2 Never Ever Again 3:14
10 B3 Debussy's Neon Voyage 7:20
11 B4 Simulating Night 3:39


The night isn't young anymore.


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