Alive 2020

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Alive 2020
ArtistSkylar Spence
Release Type Mix
Label Self-published
Bandcamp Album
SoundCloud Set
Release Date August 26, 2020
Tracks 1
Length 52:04
Tags electronic
Status Online
Skylar Spence
Previous Release Mannequin Challenge

Alive 2020 (also released under the name Hit Vibes (Alive 2020)) is a mixtape released by Skylar Spence in 2020, along with the vinyl repress of Hit Vibes, which it's featured in the album's cover art. The mixtape consists of a similar styles as Daft Punk's two "Alive" albums, which consists of a live set that prominently features elements of various songs, specially songs from the album Hit Vibes, such as Enjoy Yourself, Hit Vibes, I Tried, Cherry Pepsi and even songs from other artists, such as Da Funk, Around the World and Robot Rock, by Daft Punk. The mixtape was released through the Bandcamp page for the artist's other project, Skylar Spence.


# Track Length
1 Alive 2020 52:04

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