Doom Mix, Vol. V

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Doom Mix, Vol. V
Doom Mix, Vol. V-cover.jpg
ArtistVarious Artists
Release Type Album (Compilation)
Label Doom Trip Records
Catalog Number DTR40
Bandcamp Album
Release Date April 9, 2021
Tracks 11
Length 43:31
Tags electronic; disco; metal; minimalism; prog; synth; techno; vaporwave
Status Online
"Doom Mix" Series
Previous Release Doom Mix, Vol. IV
Next Release Doom Mix, Vol. VI‏‎

Doom Mix, Vol. V is a compilation released and published physically by Doom Trip Records.


Artist # Tape Track Length
Diamondstein 1 A1 Heaven In Two Parts 4:05
Nmesh 2 A2 RMS Ephratha PA (Cloud Bath) [Radio Edit] 4:20
Giant Claw 3 A3 Gummy Scrub 4:21
Trayer Tryon & Uppy 4 A4 AM 4:20
Fire-Toolz 5 A5 More Spirit Spit Please feat. Sam Greenfield 5:55
Skylar Spence 6 B1 Kratos In Love 2:50
Eyeliner 7 B2 Pictures 2:42
Luxury Elite 8 B3 Psychology of Desire 3:47
VAPERROR 9 B4 Thick Edge 3:16
Sangam 10 B5 Broken Sky 4:30
Mukqs 11 B6 Poe's Masquerade 3:25


  • RMS Ephratha PA (Cloud Bath) [Radio Edit] is titled RMS Ephratha PA (Cloud Bath) (Radio Edit) on SoundCloud.


Doom Trip Records presents “Doom Mix, Vol. V” — The latest installment in our annual compilation series. Featuring an all-star lineup, this uniquely curated mix is both a nod to the vaporwave sound, as well as a gathering of some of the most talented electronic music producers on Earth.

With this volume, fans are treated to everything from smooth grooves to brain-melting bangers. Joining our series for the first time are Skylar Spence, VAPERROR, Luxury Elite, Giant Claw, Eyeliner, Trayer Tryon & Uppy, while Fire-Toolz, Nmesh, Diamondstein, Sangam, and Mukqs have all returned.

The series has always been intended to feel like a mix made for a friend, and it has included artists like Eartheater, Dntel, maral, ESPRIT 空想, Pale Spring, Cruel Diagonals, Heejin Jang, Lighght, Nordra, HOTT MT, Vinyl Williams, TALsounds, Tarkamt, No Death, Swan Meat, Argiflex, R23X, and many more.

As stated by J. Edward Keyes for Bandcamp Daily, “The Doom Mix series, too, has gone from being an introductory handshake with an unknown label to a meticulous documentation of the growing experimental electronic scene.”

Every track on Doom Mix, Vol. V is brand new, and exclusive to this release. Doom Trip has always held a high regard for artists Luxury Elite, Nmesh, and Skylar Spence, who are all considered legends for their contributions to the vaporwave scene as well as the larger electronic music community. But this mix has a wide scope, including other forward-thinking producers like Trayer Tryon (Hundred Waters) & Uppy, Giant Claw, and Fire-Toolz, all of whom contribute recordings that are peerless in their style and execution. Of course, no Doom Mix would be complete without label mainstays like Los Angeles producer Diamondstein and Manchester’s ambient hero, Sangam.

Doom Trip wants to thank each and every listener who has ever taken the time to check out one of our artists or releases. We do what we do for you, and we consider ourselves very lucky to be blessed with such intelligent, devoted, and adventurous listeners. Here’s to 500 more years of Doom!

**Please note that this edition of the release will feature the Radio Edit of Nmesh's track, while the full version of "RMS Ephratha PA (Cloud Bath)" will be released later this year.


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