Flamingo Funk vol.2

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Flamingo Funk vol.2
Flamingo Funk vol.2.png
ArtistVarious Artists
Release Type Album (Compilation)
Label My Pet Flamingo
Catalog Number MPF051
(Paid Download)
Release Date September 29, 2019
Tracks 30
Length 1:34:58
Tags electronic; future funk; post-vaporwave; vaporwave
Status Online
Various Artists
Previous Release Flamingo Funk Volume 1

Flamingo Funk vol.2 is a Various Artists charity compilation released by My Pet Flamingo. It was curated by Enzo Van Baelen and Eric Hughes. 50% of funds went to MIND while the other 50% went to three other causes: Barry Town United F.C., Dogs Trust, and The Samarpan Trust.


# Cassette Vinyl Artist Track Length
1 A1 A1 Timeshare '94 A Warning From The Surgeon General 1:02
2 A2 A2 Strawberry Station Get Up, Stand Up 3:22
3 A3 A3 Synchro//Start 悪魔の溝 2:13
4 A4 A4 SAINT PEPSI I Need Your Love in Me 2:56
5 A5 A5 //turntboiフオレバー95 our love 3:41
6 A6 A6 Lola Disco ☀ Cannot Hide 3:25
7 A7 A7 Barbwalters Heart 3:06
8 A8 A8 Dan Mason Seaside 3:50
9 A9 B1 Pad Chennington EXHIBITION 1:49
10 A10 B2 Timeshare’94 Lost.Love 3:39
11 A11 B3 Lagune Candy (w-Lakeland) 4:27
12 A12 B4 Future Girlfriend 音楽 X 悲しい ANDROID APARTMENT¶ -_- 今を生きる 3:50
13 A13 B5 playmateジェットセッター crush ♡ 2:19
14 A14 B6 Mac Lacrosse Stick Together 3:13
15 A15 B7 venturecapitalist Free Kisses 1:38
16 A16 B8 TUPPERWAVE Be Mine 3:02
17 B1 C1 luxury elite Salut 4:19
18 B2 C2 waterfront dining sky magela 2:11
19 B3 C3 TVVIN_PINEZ_M4LL (のように感じるHEAVEN) 2:38
20 B4 C4 VAPERROR MagicForest 3:26
21 B5 N/A US Golf 95 serenityPLUS+ 2:22
22 B6 C5 Runners Club 95 Good Time 3:38
23 B7 C6 Wichita LimeWire Be My BonziBUDDY 2:18
24 B8 C7 Whitewoods Toasterville 2:13
25 B9 C8 danger.ファルコン.1989 Ha.Ha.™ 3:06
26 B10 D1 Nmesh Oxygen Bar 5:18
27 B11 D2 haircuts for men 空の道 4:47
28 B12 D3 猫 シ Corp. Hyperreality 3:02
29 B13 D4 death's dynamic shroud.wmv 이상한 풍경 5:06
30 B14 D5 ZAYAZ Color Climax 3:02


  • Track 21 isn't featured on the Vinyl release



Special thanks to Victor Arce for his fine work in once again designing the cover for this year's edition of Flamingo Funk. We hope you enjoy the a e s t h e t i c s as much as we do!

In addition, we would like to thank all of the artists involved with the music. Without your generosity we simply wouldn't have been able to put this together!

Tracklist curated by Enzo Van Baelen & Eric Hughes (much love!) Mastered by Kid Neon Intro by Timeshare '94


The Flamingo Funk series has returned, and as ever we are raising money for good causes. This time we are teaming with our sister label - TimeSlave Recordings - to release two albums which showcase the best sounds in the vaporwave and synthwave scenes.


TODO: Add physical media images.

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