Initiation Tape: Isle of Avalon Edition

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Initiation Tape: Isle of Avalon Edition
ArtistNew Dreams Ltd.
Release Type Album
Label Self-published
Bandcamp Album
Release Date January 1, 2014
Tracks 16 (+1 removed track)
Length 1:05:04
Tags after earth; babylon is fallen; cryogenesis; electronic; nonmusic; woe to the crown
Status Online
New Dreams Ltd.
Previous Release initiation tape part one
Next Release Fuji Grid TV EX

Initiation Tape: Isle of Avalon Edition is an album by Vektroid project New Dreams Ltd., a remastering of a previous New Dream Ltd. album, initiation tape part one. The Isle of Avalon revision of Initiation Tape was made March 2013, almost a year before its public release. Some of the tracks on this album contain remastered audio from midi dungeon and black horse, two 2011 albums by Vektroid's previous alias esc 不在.


# Track Length
1 Forever 4:52
2 Timecop 1:45
3 Fatal 2:22
4 Drftrzz 2:01
5 Dedication 2:25
6 Cold Water 4:56
7 Slave 2:36
8 Meditations 5:16
9 Cast 1:56
10 Feel 2:15
11 Sky Nouveau 4:51
12 Gone
13 Harem 1:41
14 Pine Forest Surf 6:36
15 Nimbus Lab After Hours 6:40
16 Asleep In The Ice Cave 5:33
17 Aurora 3D 9:19

Differences from initiation tape part one

  • Forever is a remastered combination of forever? (introduction, pt. 1) and midnight luvr (introduction, pt. 2).
  • Timecop has been completely remastered.
  • Fatal is a remastered and mixed version of neu fatale.
  • Drftrzz is a rebuilt and mixed version of drftrzz / dstryrzz.
  • Dedication is a remastered and mixed combination of camaro and psr41.
  • Cold Water is a remastered and mixed combination of hydrocodone / prom night and you appeared / you didn't.
  • Slave is a remastered version of yr slave.
  • Meditations is a remastered combination of meditations save me o lord and upper spheres of consciousness.
  • Cast is a remastered version of rationalization.
  • The track new life now! please has been removed entirely.
  • The remaining tracks are taken from the esc 不在 projects:
    • The tracks Feel and Sky Nouveau are remastered tracks from black horse, with the latter being a combination of drive home thru the stars for you and willfully.
    • The track Gone is a remastered version of the track of the same name from black horse. This track was removed from this album shortly after release.
    • Harem takes directly from mirror harem from midi dungeon.
    • Pine Forest Surf, despite its name, is a combination of forest and surf from midi dungeon, with the track pine being left out.
    • Nimbus Lab After Hours takes from slumber and slow rain from midi dungeon, but not after hours as the name implies.
    • Asleep In The Ice Cave takes from alseep together from midi dungeon, while Aurora 3D continues from it with in a cave watching the blizzard and aurora3d from midi dungeon.


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