midi dungeon

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midi dungeon
Artistesc 不在
Release Type Album
Label Self-published
Formats Digital Album
Release Date August 2, 2011
Tracks 11
Length 31:19
Status Unknown
esc 不在
Previous Release black horse

midi dungeon is the latter of two albums released on the same day by Vektroid project esc 不在, the former being black horse. Certain tracks of the release would later be remastered and rereleased in Initiation Tape: Isle of Avalon Edition (released instead under the New Dreams Ltd. name.)


# Track Length
1 mirror harem 1:41
2 forest 2:45
3 pine 3:09
4 surf 1:45
5 after hours 1:54
6 slumber 4:45
7 slow rain 1:56
8 asleep together 5:02
9 in a cave watching the blizzard 2:15
10 gate 1:31
11 aurora3d 4:36

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