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ArtistPeace Forever Eternal
Release Type Album
Label Self-published
Bandcamp Album
(Paid Download)
Release Date May 24, 2017
Tracks 19
Length 1:01:46
Tags electronic, ambient, plunderphonics
Status Online
Peace Forever Eternal

Nextcentury is the first release of the Peace Forever Eternal project.


# Track Length
1 Reveille (In Loving Memory) 3:52
2 Newport Endless 1:53
3 Theme From Girl Panic 3:18
4 Flash, Wipe East & West 1:43
5 New Stone For The High Castle 3:15
6 S.B.S. (Sleepy Baby Sound) 4:12
7 Top! Music USA 3:00
8 Bad Boy Blocks The Exit 5:08
9 Omega Audio Systems 3:35
10 The Stallion & The Interstate 2:02
11 Daemons In The Growth Pool 3:35
12 Gold Dawn Communications 1:43
13 Tomorrow Doesn't Care 2:42
14 Into The Big Tower 2:56
15 Days Of Memorial Earth 3:56
16 Sonogram Rain House 4:40
17 It All Turns Blue 4:23
18 Grace & Purity 2:44
19 Dream Is Over 3:00




Volume 1


"Peace Forever Eternal is the newest plunderphonics series from the creator of Vektroid and Macintosh Plus, and the official sequel to the New Dreams Ltd. series. Effectively an ongoing sandbox, the primary goal with Peace Forever Eternal is to wipe the slate clean and build a new safe haven for Vektroid's continuing experimentation with sample-based and sample-driven music.

The first volume, Nextcentury, is simultaneously an epilogue and a prelude. While it is, in fact, the sequel to an earlier Vektroid project "Sleepline", Nextcentury was intended more to serve as a strict diametric inversion of its predecessor--more or less a trip through the "minus world" of Sleepline. Whereas Sleepline was an album which focused on liminal spaces and coping with unfamiliarity, Nextcentury instead deals with being in a state of static; dealing with extreme sameness--seclusion & delirium. If Sleepline was an album about passive motion, Nextcentury is an album about active, involuntary stillness."

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