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ArtistNew Dreams Ltd.
Release Type Album
Label Aguirre Records
Catalog Number ZORN57
Bandcamp Album
(Paid Download)
Release Date February 14, 2016 (Vektroid)
November 30, 2018 (Aguirre Records)
Length 01:19:20

electronic (Vektroid)

drone; experimental; new age; avant-garde (Aguirre Records)
Status Online
New Dreams Ltd.
Previous Release Fuji Grid TV EX
Next Release Eden

Sleepline is the final of three albums released on Valentine's Day by Vektroid, this particular release made under the New Dreams Ltd. name. Production of the album took place between February and March of 2013, but was published three years after completion. During its drafting in 2013-2014, the release was initially a Sacred Tapestry project under the name of Transcontinent.

In late 2018, the album was republished by Aguirre Records and given physical formats for the first time (along with Shader Complete), including vinyl and CD versions.

In February 2020, Aguirre issued a cassette version of the release with new artwork.


# Tape Track Length
1 A1 All Day / Mindprison 3:09
2 A2 Nakano #18 4:23
3 A3 Muku Grid 3:11
4 A4 Theatré Virtua 2:13
5 A5 Avalon Reverse 3:21
6 A6 Air 4:40
7 A7 Blue Earth 5:17
8 A8 Surrounded 2:30
9 A9 Sleepline (Sleepfear) 6:42
10 A10 Walled City 3:57
11 B1 Into the Light (Night) 2:55
12 B2 Nimbus Stage Select 2:26
13 B3 Rapefear 2:51
14 B4 Afterdawn 4:00
15 B5 No Stone 3:12
16 B6 Seed of Life / New Media 5:33
17 B7 Dig Dream 6:39
18 B8 Diskloader 2:06
19 B9 Oceanus 6:05
20 B10 Casino Virtua 4:10


The lost chapter
Produced between February and March 2013


TODO: Physical scans.

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