initiation tape part one

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initiation tape part one
Artistnew dreams ltd
Release Type Album
Label Self-published
Formats Digital Album
Release Date August 2, 2011
Tracks 14
Length 28:54
Status Unknown
new dreams ltd
Next Release Initiation Tape: Isle of Avalon Edition

initiation tape part one is the first release of Vektroid project new dreams ltd (though some versions of the release are rendered as part one by new dreams ltd initiation tape). It is only available through file hosting services as opposed to streaming platforms such as Bandcamp (as seen in other Vektroid projects at the time). In 2014, the album was refined and remade as Initiation Tape: Isle of Avalon Edition.


# Track Length
1 forever? (introduction, pt. 1) 2:05
2 midnight luvr (introduction, pt. 2) 2:48
3 timecop 2:10
4 neu fatale 1:52
5 drftrzz / dstryrzz (MV) 2:11
6 camaro 1:34
7 psr41 0:55
8 hydrocodone / prom night 3:35
9 you appeared / you didn't 1:44
10 yr slave 2:36
11 meditations save me o lord 2:04
12 upper spheres of consciousness 1:20
13 rationalization 1:57
14 new life now! please 2:01


new dreams ltd. chapter two
a - new dreams ltd initiation tape - part one
b - fuji grid tv - prism genesis


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