prism genesis

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prism genesis
Artistfuji grid tv
Release Type Album
Label Self-published
Formats Digital Album
Release Date August 2, 2011
Tracks 17
Length 20:05
Status Offline
fuji grid tv

prism genesis is the first release by fuji grid tv, available through file hosting services as opposed to streaming platforms such as Bandcamp (as seen in other Vektroid projects at the time). The album was remade in 2016 as Fuji Grid TV EX under the alias of New Dreams Ltd.


# Track Length
1 panasonic / hearing aid 0:34
2 ssun dreamss 1:36
3 change yr mind 1:03
4 toyota / waiting for you 1:59
5 slime ritual 0:35
6 cinemax / speak 1:26
7 fujifilm / cougar 1:20
8 black horse / white bitch midi 1:11
9 waterfall voyeur 2:07
10 mosaic 2.1 / demo 1:14
11 sharp vhs 1:10
12 warm life / legs 1:18
13 walkmann / lil babies 1:10
14 new life / cd player 0:37
15 hbo / pyro tv 1:01
16 heaven's gate / sneak out! 1:08
17 disku system 0:36


  • waterfall voyeur was included on the Sewer Greats Vol. 2 compilation released just 2 days prior to this album. Interestingly, it was included under the Laserdisc Visions alias.


new dreams ltd. chapter two
a - new dreams ltd initiation tape - part one
b - fuji grid tv - prism genesis

Note: prism genesis is actually chapter 2a, but on it is mis-labeled as 2b.


here's another mixtape for you guys. i used a lot of these sounds in the laserdisc visions cassette so for those who ordered physical copies, you may recognize the sounds, but it's essentially a collage of japanese commercials and sounds. much less moody than the other mixtape. xo ♥


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