Insert Disc 2

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Insert Disc 2
ArtistDigital Sex
Release Type Album
Label Sunset Recordings
Catalog Number SR_222
Bandcamp Album
(Free Download)
Release Date July 20, 2015
August 17, 2018 (Cassette)
Tracks 14
Length 28:03
Tags electronic; experimental electronic; future funk; internet; plunderphonics; sample-based; synthpop; vaporwave
Status Online
Digital Sex
Previous Release Overgrowth
Next Release On the Horizon
Insert Disc Series
Next Release Insert Disc 3

Insert Disc 2 is an album by Digital Sex. The release was self-published on cassette, but also received a repress through Sunset Recordings in a bundle with Insert Disc 3.


# Tape Track Length
1 A1 Don't Get Hurt Again 2:20
2 A2 Virtual Touch 1:07
3 A3 Customer Service 2:48
4 A4 Automatic // Automated 1:00
5 A5 Product Placement 0:41
6 A6 Create Magic 2:10
7 A7 Across an Ocean 2:22
8 A8 Fragrance Interlude (Keep the Magic with You) 1:47
9 B1 Magnetic Tape 1:28
10 B2 Regrets 1:56
11 B3 Summer Breeze Architect (Prod. Oscob) 2:45
12 B4 Cold Machine 1:05
13 B5 Moments Before 2:00
14 B6 Hazy Mornings (Thank You Mr. Yamashita) 4:28


  • The Sunset Recordings repress does not include the track Summer Breeze Architect.


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