Eating Yourself Alive

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Eating Yourself Alive
Additional Credits Secret Schools (Art Design)
Release Type Album
Label CHAMBER 38
Bedlam Tapes
Catalog Number C38-01 (CHAMBER 38)
BEDLAM_49 (Bedlam Tapes)
Bandcamp Album
Release Date November 24, 2016 (CHAMBER 38)
December 13, 2021 (Bedlam Tapes)
Tracks 23
19 (β)
Length 37:01
Styles Broken Transmission

experimental; ambient; avant garde; eccojams; electronic; plunderphonics; vaporwave; vapour (OSCOB)

electronic; broken transmission; experimental; glitch; lofi; noise; plunderphonic; plunderphonics; sampling; signalwave; vaporwave (CHAMBER 38)

electronic; experimental; vaporwave; eccojams; signalwave (Bedlam Tapes)
Status Online
Previous Release Split
Next Release The SoundCloud Singles

Eating Yourself Alive is an album by OSCOB, published on cassette through CHAMBER 38 in 2016.

In 2021, the album was very briefly uploaded to Bedlam Tapes whilst the label owner was uploading OVERGROWTH and the unreleased ArtFluids album Dream Injury. This version of the album, titled Eating Yourself Alive β was actually an earlier draft of the album, notably not being mastered and missing the collaboration tracks on the final release.



# Tape Track Length
1 A1 intro 0:30
2 A2 unsolved data 1:44
3 A3 megachurch 1:07
4 A4 gateway 1:54
5 A5 on deadly ground 0:48
6 A6 oliver twist 2:22
7 A7 rental 1:21
8 A8 should (ft. Dezmo) 1:46
9 A9 cruising 1:09
10 A10 new blood 1:16
11 A11 world 1:24
12 A12 i can't close my eyes 3:09
13 B1 blind faith (ft. Bonus Fruit) 2:35
14 B2 ethereal 1:01
15 B3 mass production 1:37
16 B4 disintegration (ft. western digital) 1:55
17 B5 solace 1:11
18 B6 fear 1:01
19 B7 dream 1:24
20 B8 not now 0:58
21 B9 iron lung 1:09
22 B10 restricted (ft. .mp3Neptune) 1:55
23 B11 hope 3:36


  • The track should has been removed from the artist's upload of the album at an unknown date.

Eating Yourself Alive β

# Track Length
1 intro 0:29
2 unsolved data 1:22
3 megachurch 1:09
4 gateway 1:57
5 on deadly ground 0:48
6 oliver twist 2:22
7 rental 1:21
8 cruising 1:10
9 new blood 1:16
10 world 1:26
11 i can't close my eyes 3:11
12 ethereal 1:00
13 mass production 1:42
14 solace 1:10
15 fear 1:01
16 not now 0:57
17 iron lung 1:09
18 hope 0:59
19 dream 1:49


"I spent my time drinking and staring at a television in the airport bar. More death and destruction. Crime. Pollution. All the news stories were telling me to be frightened. All the commercials were telling me to buy things I didn’t need. The message was that people could only be passive victims or consumers." -John Twelve Hawks

"What the mass media offers is not popular art, but entertainment which is intended to be consumed like food, forgotten, and replaced by a new dish." -W. H. Auden

"Don’t hate the media, become the media." -Jello Biafra

OSCOB's full-length debut "Eating Yourself Alive" is a plunderphonic collage of noise that evokes flickering TV screens and late-night insomnia. Waves of tape hiss swell between angular lo-fi loops and bizarre soundscapes through 23 tracks of nightmareish sample work.


Item(s) #: C38-01 Description: "Eating Yourself Alive" audio cassettes by artist OSCOB. Procedure: Item(s) confiscated from █████ Records following reports of staff members exhibiting vacant and dissociative behavior after being exposed to C38-01 for extended periods of time. Initial testing resulted in similar behavior exhibited by both test subjects and C38 personnel. Status: Item(s) are currently awaiting full diagnosis by Dr. ███. Upon approval, C38-01 will be contained in specimen transport bags and distributed through the online CHAMBER 38 item vault.

Please note: C38-01 is only to be observed under strictly controlled circumstances by trained C38 personnel. Audio contained within C38-01 has been preserved in its entirety and is presented at the listener's risk.


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