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Owner HKE (as チェスマスター, Infernal Demon Keito, or Martin Smith)
Location London, United Kingdom
Opening Date September 10, 2014
Status Inactive
Years Active 2014 - 2020

TKX (also rendered as Vault TKX or TKX Vault), formerly Tokyo Exchange, is a sublabel of Dream Catalogue used primarily for darker and more experimental releases, especially involving projects by the founder HKE. The label was considered "finished" with the release of TKX-050, Hong Kong Express's self-titled album, but would later be revived in 2017 as an extension of the "vault" ARG-style publishing like that of Vault EVE and Vault XYO, being shown as a collection of artifacts found and preserved by the label owner on their travels.

In 2018, the label was rebranded as TKX LOST / TKX MARTIN as a part of HKE's "Martin Smith" character, with releases taking a turn from the enigmatic to the inelegant and novel. This continued until 2019 when the Bandcamp page was cleaned of visual identifiers as a redirect to the Dream Catalogue website, where occasional releases were given the "TKX" label internally. In 2020, the page was brought back to life as a mash of the "MARTIN" and "TKX" styles, containing both strange/satirical releases and more serious affairs simultaneously but become inactive after 2020.


Date Cat # Artist(s) Release
September 10, 2014 TKX-001 テレビ体験 Y. 2089
September 16, 2014 TKX-002 ニューシティ METROPOLISからオーディオ
September 19, 2014 TKX-003 emperor tangerine my empire
October 21, 2014 TKX-004 Vision Girl Film Noir
November 18, 2014 TKX-005 Areas Exhibition
November 26, 2014 TKX-006 Penthouse Apartment Y2K: New Millennium Nightclub
December 13, 2014 TKX-007 ULTRACOMPUTER (also as チェスマスター) INFINITE 新しい生命システムの音
December 28, 2014 TKX-008 C A S I N O ☆★☆★☆ M A S T E R ☆★☆ ボーナススピン幸運 !!!
January 11, 2015 TKX-009 泰合志恒 神秘的情人
January 18, 2015 TKX-010 THE DARKEST FUTURE ?​?​?​?​?​?​?​?
January 25, 2015 TKX-011 Vision Girl デッドデッドデッドデッド
February 21, 2015 TKX-012 AIR Japan Summer Of Love
May 7, 2015 TKX-014 City Developer Foundation
May 16, 2015 TKX-015 仮想夢プラザ あなたを待って
May 23, 2015 TKX-016 仮想夢プラザ ここに彼女が来ます
May 26, 2015 TKX-017 仮想夢プラザ 最初の別れ
May 29, 2015 TKX-018 Television Experience (also as テレビ体験) The City Never Ends
June 18, 2015 TKX-019 Vision Girl Amare sanguinem
June 22, 2015 TKX-020 emperor tangerine saltwater creek
July 13, 2015 TKX-021 C A S I N O ☆★☆★☆ M A S T E R 勝 者 ! ! ! !★W I N N E R★
July 25, 2015 TKX-022 Sacred Frequencies (also as THE DARKEST FUTURE) La fin de la ligne
August 8, 2015 TKX-023 Penthouse Apartment Trump (Offline)
September 17, 2015 TKX-024 Tech Noir
September 26, 2015 TKX-025 チェスマスター 夢に生きます
October 9, 2015 TKX-027 emperor tangerine the_zone
October 17, 2015 TKX-028 Sandtimer 808 Hate Suite
November 22, 2015 TKX-029 Keito Shimuguchi Memories Of A Dead Future
November 23, 2015 TKX-026 Shima33 Disgraceful. (Offline)
December 7, 2015 TKX-030 2047 NEXUS_DAWN
February 14, 2016 TKX-031 蜃気楼MIRAGE and Chungking Mansions Secret Deal
February 21, 2016 TKX-032 Keito Shimuguchi Dilation Of The Soul Electronic
March 6, 2016 TKX-033 ADOV (also as Kamokata) Exospirit
March 10, 2016 TKX-034 ЖЫ RUSKE ANDEGRAUND
March 25, 2016 TKX-035 Henry Wong H Trials 7.2: Slurqpe+
March 26, 2016 TKX-036 Triad Research Laboratories The Vaporwave Trials (Offline)
April 10, 2016 TKX-037 暗い自然 Bleed
April 12, 2016 TKX-038 Kamokata Dojo 777
April 22, 2016 TKX-039 The Last Man On Earth The Last Man On Earth
April 30, 2016 TKX-040 Fréquences sacrées Autres temps, autres mœurs
May 5, 2016 TKX-041 Unknown Artist The Phonograph
May 11, 2016 TKX-042 Sandtimer God
May 14, 2016 TKX-043 Vladyk Predovitch Plays...
May 15, 2016 TKX-044 вовчі особи вовки тіні
May 18, 2016 TKX-045 Unknown Forever Holy Forest
June 1, 2016 TKX-046 Unknown Artist (also as Kamokata) Question 4
June 4, 2016 TKX-047 Halo Acid Days Of Night
June 17, 2016 TLX-048 The Tree Of Life Psalm 23
June 21, 2016 TKX-049 ЖЫ Huylowave
June 23, 2016 TKX-050 Hong Kong Express Hong Kong Express
June 27, 2017 TKX-051 チェスマスター Infinity Of A Void
June 30, 2017 TKX-052 Infernal Demon Keito (also as チェスマスター) Unfrozen Predators
July 2, 2017 TKX-053 HKE Care For You
July 11, 2017 TKX-054 New Delhi Express रोमांटिक सपना
July 19, 2017 TKX-055 Michel Tenoît Je m'apelle Michel
July 26, 2017 TKX-056 Unknown Data X-5AS482
July 27, 2017 TKX-057 Infernal Demon Keito Facechain
September 11, 2017[1] TKX-1000000000 Triad Research Laboratories The Life After Death Trial
October 8, 2017 MPA-001 Modern Penthouse Apartment Test Run
October 26, 2017 N/A Omega Sapien New Intelligence
March 19, 2018 TKX-END Martin Smith LOST: The Infernal Mixtape
April 23, 2018 MARTIN-001 Martin Smith For the ladies...
May 2, 2018 LOST-001 hyper_devil THE DARKNESS AND HATRED INSIDE
May 24, 2018 LOST-002 Richie Raccoon Under My Spell!
June 9, 2018 LOST-003 Roman Moonchild Roman 1
July 18, 2018 LOST-004 hyper_devil cold_drink
July 20, 2018 LOST-005 Martin Smith Throow It Wiv Mi / Emperor's Palace
July 27, 2018 N/A Martin Smith Peter Schiff [Single]
July 27, 2018 N/A Martin Smith Blood Moon Party [Single]
November 6, 2018 N/A M The Warm-Up EP
November 19, 2018 N/A Richie Raccoon Ment 2 Be / Da Meening Ov Lyfe
November 28, 2018 N/A "Big" Joe Raccoon Chill Energy EP
November 28, 2018 N/A Tester 3 Test Single [SINGLE]
November 28, 2018 N/A Richie Raccoon The Way You Look At Me With Those Eyes [SINGLE]
November 30, 2018 N/A Samuel Raccoon Emotional. [SINGLE]
November 30, 2018 N/A Timmy Raccoon Flapp Tonight [SINGLE]
December 23, 2018 N/A M TWU 2.5: DA BLESS-UP
April 27, 2020 N/A IM SO COOL मैं यहाँ हूँ और मैं गर्म हूँ, मेरे RAY​-​BANS खेल रहे हैं, मेरे बाल बेदाग हैं, और गली की सभी लड़कियाँ
April 30, 2020 TKX-X01 チェスマスター Cultivation Of The Flesh
May 6, 2020 TKX-9152 Doc Weasel Doc Weasel
May 15, 2020 N/A Doc Weasel Northbound
July 14, 2020 N/A Shinatama Etain



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