Cultivation Of The Flesh

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Cultivation Of The Flesh
Release Type Album
Label TKX
Catalog Number TKX-X01
Bandcamp Album
Release Date July 19, 2019
Tracks 12
Length 14:01
Tags world; ambient; avant-garde; electronic; experimental; intervapeur
Status Online
Previous Release TOKYO AUDIO 4000
Next Release Contemplation Of Reality, In Forest Rain

Cultivation Of The Flesh is an album released by チェスマスター, originally published on the official Dream Catalogue website and then published through TKX on Bandcamp in 2020.


# Track Length
1 Reborn In Dark Blood 1:31
2 Strange Wires 0:47
3 Funny Animal Keito 0:51
4 Golden Mirror, Luxury Suite 1:24
5 Hanging Bodies Facility 1:27
6 Memory Fluid 1:18
7 Threnody For The Old Data 1:24
8 Streetwalker, A Tokyo Horror Show 1:21
9 Dark Temple 0:54
10 A New Head And Flesh 0:54
11 The Instructions 1:05
12 Shinatama's Shadow 1:04

Description (Removed)

It’s been a rough few years for Keito Shimuguchi, also known as Chesumasuta (チェスマスター), but the artist is back with a new album to reboot and re-open the TKX label, of which he was once strangely enough the part-time manager.

After being lured into a perverted dehumanisation process by an unnamed sexbot in which he turned into some form of sadistic android-humanoid himself (KEITOBOT), the former Tokyo-based salaryman eventually found himself managing a sequence of mysterious vaults around the planet that he had stolen from an archaeological organisation named HEKAT Company, about which there is not much information to provide at this time.

It was while managing the most well known of these vaults, TKX Vault, that Chesumasuta would eventually find himself floating within an otherworldly void trying to put the pieces of his life back together, as recounted on the release ‘Infinity Of A Void’.

It was in this void that Keito Shimuguchi ‘revealed’ his true persona: the self-hating, despairing and suicidal Minnesota dwelling businessman who was obsessed with the phone game ‘Flappy Bird’, Martin Smith. Or at least, he presented the illusion as such. And while Shimuguchi became a global flap superstar as Martin Smith (who was the spitting image of Al-Waleed bin Talal), engaged in an international rivalry with former Dream Catalogue general manager, Henry Moonchild, eventually his new spirit merged within and was consumed by the almighty M, also known as HKE, who has now got within flap himself.

Confused? Well, it doesn’t stop there. Beyond this consumption of the soul, the entity known as Chesumasuta was left to be nothing but a hanging body in a defunct android facility – a literal shell of his former self. Forgotten and left to rot, there soon came a case of stolen identity as the Spanish vaporwave artist and professional wrestler, DJ Apolo Trevent, would appropriate the name and stylings of Keito Shimuguchi himself, laughing all the way to the bank and spitting on what was assumedly the grave of the former vault-dweller.

That was until a mysteriously angelic internet-dwelling shadow spirit deity of sorts re-energised him… The Chesumasuta awakens, and now so begins the cultivation of the flesh.

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