勝 者 ! ! ! !★W I N N E R★

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勝 者 ! ! ! !★W I N N E R★
ArtistC A S I N O ☆★☆★☆ M A S T E R
Release Type EP
Label TKX
Catalog Number TKX-021
Bandcamp Album
Release Date July 13, 2015
Tracks 2
Length 19:54
Tags world; ambient; avant-garde; casino; electronic; experimental; future; vaporwave
Status Online
C A S I N O ☆★☆★☆ M A S T E R
Previous Release ☆★☆ ボーナススピン幸運 !!!

勝 者 ! ! ! !★W I N N E R★ (WINNER!!!! WINNER) is the second release by C A S I N O ☆★☆★☆ M A S T E R, published by TKX. The release is notable for its much more aggressive and noisy sound compared to the simpler sound of the first Casino Master release, its mixing into a single track, and a six-minute period of near-silence at the end of the release.


# Track Length
1 勝 者 ! ! ! !★W I N N E R★
2 ±T R Y A G A I N± 0:14

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