Memories Of A Dead Future

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Memories Of A Dead Future
Memories Of A Dead Future-cover.png
ArtistKeito Shimuguchi
チェスマスター (Republish)
Release Type Album
Label TKX
Catalog Number TKX-029
Bandcamp Album
Release Date November 22, 2015
Tracks 5
Length 51:09
Tags world; ambient; avant-garde; electronic; experimental
Status Online
Keito Shimuguchi
Next Release Dilation Of The Soul Electronic
Previous Release 夢に生きます
Next Release I Am Chesumasuta

Memories Of A Dead Future is an album released by Keito Shimuguchi and published through TKX. At an unknown date, the album was later republished under the alias チェスマスター instead.


# Track Length
1 Deserter 13:20
2 Carbon 6:43
3 Blur 5:36
4 Glow 12:42
5 Return 12:48

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